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Taiwan June 29, 2014

Well hello everyone once again ;) 

     Amazing how the time flies isn't it?? One minute you're here, and the next minute, you could still be here, or you could be a minute away. crazy how that works. Anyways, thanks for writing! And yes mom, I love Chinese food ;) haha, I love you tons! 

     So... mom and dad.... sorry I forgot to send pictures last week haha, completely slipped my mind ;) No worries, I have repented and will send more this week! Because let me tell ya, this week was a week full of adventure and wonder! Of to nether-land! 

     This week was full of hard work, planning, and preparing to give gifts to everyone in the ward and less actives! We're giving them a talk, a red envelope and a little bottle of sand in all the gifts :D I'll send a picture of the thing inside the red envelope haha :D It's pretty cool, and it's a photo I took :D yay!!! 

     Other than that, let us get into the weekly update!!! 

Monday: We had a friend take us around to see all these places for p-day. so we got to see Turtle mountain, go to a beach and find shells, and then go to another mountain called Guan mountain. It was so cool!!! Apparently it is marked one of the top ten places to see the sunset. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty beautiful! And I had raw fish for the first time today... that was interesting haha ;) it's actually not that bad! It was salmon, and it has a light flavor to it... not sure how to describe it.... 

Tuesday: Spent a good day preparing these gifts for less actives, and then got to meet with Sister Guo again! She's doing good, still not to happy with her baptism interviewer... but she got a liahona article that helped her feel better :D We're still working with her towards another goal, so keep praying for her! 

Wednesday: We went up to Man Zhou, and once again, I realized how fast time goes. Then we planned more for the english party next week! We're doing an american themed activity :D I'm super excited!! We're going to eat carmel popcorn, jello, and sherbert ice cream soda :D Ya...and then play jeopardy with them on american topics :D 

Thursday: Did service at the Retirement center again today! Then we had lunch with a kid named allen who wants to go on a mission! He was less active the past 2 years, but recently came back and now wants to go on a mission! Super exciting :D 

Friday: We started building a box with a bunch of church tracts to put in different places if people have interest in the church ;D It was pretty good :D Also after a long time we finally got to meet with the Liang family!!!! They're doing good, and hopefully we'll still be able to teach them more about the gospel :D They're super busy recently... well actually everyone's busy recently because the summer has come, and everyone here is a tourist haha. Oh joy ;) 

Saturday: Rode our bikes around the bottom of the island visiting investigators and members. I wasn't paying attention in one part, and may or may not have hit somthing.... and gone over my bike handlebars... but that's ok, because I'm ok, and my palms will be ok later :D It was a good day :D 

Sunday: We rode off into the wind to Wind port!!!!! I mean... Feng Gang. It is one of the farther places in our area, about 1hour 20 minutes to get there riding your bike fast. We rode up there, and it's actually a really big city! So we plan to spend more time up there finding :D IT's right by the ocean, and it's a really beautiful city :D Ya.... a little tiring getting up there haha, but that's ok, because it was worth it :D 

So yes!!! That was the week :D It was very good. Recently I have been studying Jacob 5, and when you study it particularly paying attention to what the Lord thinks of his Children, and what the Lord expects of us, the whole chapter has a really interesting spin to it ;) Just a thought. love you all!!!!! 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老
Buddhist place :D 
view from the Guan mountain :D 

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