Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Taiwan August 18, 2014


     Hello everyone, it's good to hear from you and hear how the week went :D It's good to think of how well the world keeps spinning over there, and how much it keeps spinning over here ;) It's almost like it's the same world.... weird thought ;) 

     Hello karen, I love you too!!!! Glad to hear a bit about how you're doing :D 

     Thanks mom!! It was good to hear from you, and thank you for everything :D It's interesting, because this week I was just barely thinking about the blessings that the Lord has given me, and how much I'm loved, and then you wrote me about it! That's awesome :D 

     So last weeks trip to the temple was awesome!!!! it was about 40 missionaries, because only the missionaries in the northernmost part of the mission get a chance to go. So I was really happy :D It was my first time ever doing sealings! That was cool, and it was in Chinese so there you go :D As for our mission area, there are currently about 200 + missionaries serving in our mission :D Quite a few!!! 

     The biggest thing that may have happened this week, is that Elder Ng moved, and I have a new companion!!!! yay!!! :D His name is Elder Alce...... Ok truth be told, I can't pronounce his english name, but we all call him Elder Ai, So.... Elder love :D He's awesome!!! He's mexican, and lived in america for 4 years, so his English is also fluent :D Looks like we're going to get along awesome!!!! I'm super excited :D 

     Other than that, today we went to NanTou, and got back a little late.... so I don't have a lot of time to email haha, however I will email even more next week!! :D Sorry for the short letter..... love you all!!! 

CTR, 義 

Elder Dawson 陶丹尼長老 

Elder Ai and I :D 

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