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Taiwan July 13, 2014

Well hello all, 

     as my father would say it "another chapter in the continuing saga of missionary life in Taiwan!" well said, because that's exactly what's happened haha ;) So being here in FengJia is super fun! There's so many people! It's said to be the most populated city in our mission, so that's fun. What's super weird though, is that I totally remember coming to the night market here before! I remember buying phone cases, and buying a shirt that had a pocket for the neck. It's so much dejavu it's driving me crazy!!!!! :D But super fun, gotta love having people to actually talk to about missionary work :D  

     So here in FengJia, we ride our bikes a lot, but not nearly as much as Heng Chun haha ;) For my first time on my mission, I'm in a ward not a branch! That's kind of exciting :D Our investigators are doing fairly good, we plan to get so many more and rock it this move call! We have an investigator named sara that's going to be baptized on August 2nd! She's super cool :D yes, She, because there's no sisters in this area, so we teach men and woman. I love this area a ton!! oh, and we get to use facebook one a day for an hour if we have an hour to use it haha. We're a little busy here... so a lot of the time facebook doesn't get used.... oh well ;) 

     Well father, funny thing you ask about the mandarin Language. Our mission got asked to participate in a language evaluation survey for the church, so I'll be taking a long test on mandarin tomorrow :D Wish me luck! I hope it's not too hard haha ;) Other than that it's going good, talkings fine, and I'm still learning characters :D 

     and Mother, I will eat healthy and eat a lot ;) I've only forgotten to eat because we were busy twice this last week haha, but don't worry, it shouldn't happen too much ;) The weather here is Cooler than 恆春  quite a bit, so that's good :D Well... at least it feels like that haha :D 

Another fun story of the day, When I was in the MTC we had an Elder Watson in our district. And guess what, He's in our district here too!!!! yay!!!!! :D So I get to see him every week a few times :D It's pretty happy :D Ghee :D 

Thing's are super busy here, but I'm super happy to be with Elder Ng here serving! He's an older missionary, and he's super smart! We're going to rock it the best we can up here! plus, he plays the violin, so we're going to be doing some duets :D So parents... If I could get some church violin duets WITH the piano part that would be just superb :D Thanks so much!!!!!!

on to the week!!!!!!! 

Monday: Woke up realy early, came to FengJia, and the first investigator we met with is actually from Finnland haha.... imagine that ;) His name is Niko, and he's really cool! He's unfortunatley moving back to Finnland soon, but he said he'd keep investigating the church there! yay! 

Tuesday: So we didn't have bikes, so we walked everywhere... that was fun ;) had a good DTM and got to talk to quite a few people :D It was cool to see that when you slow down and walk places, there suddenly seems to be more people to talk to :D 

Wednesday: So... funny story, tuesday night we called the Assistants to the president (because we live about 20 minutes from them) and asked if they could bring me a bike so that I could get around the city. They called us back, and were like "Oh sure! And while we're up there, we'd love to go around with you two on splits doing missionary work!" Great. I'd been here for 2 days, and I was leading one of the assistants around on exchanges to go to lessons and people I'd never even met. Let me tell you, it was a crazy hecktic day, but there were miracles that happened! I went on an exchange with Elder Vandiford, and that was pretty cool :D I learned a lot about a different way to do missionary work... good times :D 

Thursday: So today was power contacting day, and Elder Ng's birthday! We're celebrating his birthday monday, though (today) so that's ok :D I set up the other missionaries to scare him give him a cake, so this should be good hahahaha ;) Then, we had power contacting! We got mini mentos and wrapped them in our chapel tracts, and then used them to contact! They look a lot like batteries, so we told everyone that the candy to give their body energy like a battery, and comming to church can give their spirit energy. It was super fun, and I'm not going to lie, it actually wen't pretty good! 

Friday: We were going to have another missionary be with us for a week! but then he couldn't come :( so that's ok.... but we had a good day today :D I met some of the Recent Converts here, and got to meet a really cool guy named Pony. Then, I met another family whos son is also going to the Canada Edmonton mission speaking Chinese!!!!! That's where one of my MTC companions went, and where someone I met in Dou LIu went!!!! Crazy, crazy crazy..........

Saturday: It was a busy day jumping between lessons, trying to find time to eat, and then getting home! So today we went down to Dou Liu to see someone that I taught there get baptized! :D His name is Fish :D It was really nice to see him for a bit, and then come back pumped to get working here in FengJia!!!!!

Sunday: Had a good Church meeting, and then Family home evening :D Our church isn't in our area, so we have to spend about 30 minutes everytime we want to go to the church meeting for anything. so that's fun :D Blessings and miracles are everywhere!

So yes, that was this week:D I'm not going to lie, it was pretty fun! Super busy, and super satisfactory. I'm not sure it that's the word I want to use, but it sounds cool there, so I'll just put it there :D I love everyone, and hope to hear more about your lives!!!! Thanks so much!!!! :D 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老


Exchanges with the Assitants 
Baptism in Dou Liu :D 

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