Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Taiwan Aug 20, 2014

Hello Family, 

     Hello Family and hello all!!!! I hope you all had an amazing week, and that you all had a good chance to catch up on life, relax, party, and just have a good time :D This week was pretty good, it's been a very interesting week, but we can all make it through it if we persevere!!! 

     At this time for the missionary work in Taiwan, things are going well, and things are also going hard. This past week, we had two outstanding missionaries from the Taiwan Taipei mission pass away unexpectedly. Being here in Taiwan so close to them has been hard, and we all have felt the sadness that comes from the passing of those who are in the service of God. At this time, I hope that everyone can join with all the Taiwanese members in praying for the families of these two missionaries, and to pray for the protection of all missionaries in the world. Let us group together in these times, praying and fasting for these families. 

     So with that, I would also like everyone to know that I am doing fine, no need to worry about me :D I am still doing ok here on the island of Taiwan :D My new companion is a funny guy ;) 他的中文還OK哈哈。有時候他的發音沒有聲調,可是沒有關係:D 跟我們一般的傳教士差不多哈哈。 Mother. I'm eating healthy, no worries :D A fun fact about my new companion Elder Ai, is that he is a vegetarian haha. So it looks like I will be loosing weight in the near future. It's inevitable haha. 

     Oh hey dad, the Sealing session last week was in Chinese, so that was fun haha :D And this week went really well! We found a really cool new investigator!!! Well we didn't really find her, it was a member referral haha :D GHEE :D it was good! haha, and a good story from the mission?? ummm.... I"m not sure, would you like funny, or spiritual? haha, there seems to be a good mix of both of those types of stories in life :D haha :D 

     So yes, It's been a interesting week, here's an update: 

Monday: This P-day we went to NanTou 南頭 for the day, and I got my new companion Elder Ai :D ya that was fun!!!! Other than that, at night time, we visited a member, and got to know them better. 

Tuesday: Quite the journey today, let me tell you, quite the journey ;) haha :D We had a lot of time to find new people, and a lot of time working with some investigators :D It was a good roundabout day, the kind of day that I like :D 

Wednesday: We had a good day of tracting, contacting, doing calls, and some lessons :D and then we had some time to be able to have English class!! They switched my class, so from now on, I will be teaching the beginners class :D I'm so excited!! :D 

Thursday: A year ago from this day I entered the MTC. It was a day of pondering, realizing that I've been on my mission a year, and that from this point on, it's going downhill. I once heard a missionary say that you should live your mission like you're always in the middle :D No ready to go home, and not feeling like you just got here :D So here's to doing that!! :D Ghee :D 

Friday: We had a chance to See the Hawaiian Pianist Kuahu. He came to Taiwan to perform :D He's the one that's blind, and can hear a song, and then just play it :D It's super cool, and really amazing!!! wa :D It was pretty inspirational seeing him play the piano haha :D 

Saturday: The move call started setting in, and goals started being set. I'm super excited to go for it!! :D yeah!!! 

Sunday: We had a good time at church, and we had a lot of people we're working with come :D Unfortunately a lot of our lessons cancelled on us, but that's ok, we will persevere and move on!! :D gotta love like and moving on!!! :D 

So yes, that would be this week, I hope that You will all be praying for the missionaries in the field. If anyones out there, This is Elder Dawson signing out from his year mark. From this point on, we work harder. :D 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老 

Taiwan August 18, 2014


     Hello everyone, it's good to hear from you and hear how the week went :D It's good to think of how well the world keeps spinning over there, and how much it keeps spinning over here ;) It's almost like it's the same world.... weird thought ;) 

     Hello karen, I love you too!!!! Glad to hear a bit about how you're doing :D 

     Thanks mom!! It was good to hear from you, and thank you for everything :D It's interesting, because this week I was just barely thinking about the blessings that the Lord has given me, and how much I'm loved, and then you wrote me about it! That's awesome :D 

     So last weeks trip to the temple was awesome!!!! it was about 40 missionaries, because only the missionaries in the northernmost part of the mission get a chance to go. So I was really happy :D It was my first time ever doing sealings! That was cool, and it was in Chinese so there you go :D As for our mission area, there are currently about 200 + missionaries serving in our mission :D Quite a few!!! 

     The biggest thing that may have happened this week, is that Elder Ng moved, and I have a new companion!!!! yay!!! :D His name is Elder Alce...... Ok truth be told, I can't pronounce his english name, but we all call him Elder Ai, So.... Elder love :D He's awesome!!! He's mexican, and lived in america for 4 years, so his English is also fluent :D Looks like we're going to get along awesome!!!! I'm super excited :D 

     Other than that, today we went to NanTou, and got back a little late.... so I don't have a lot of time to email haha, however I will email even more next week!! :D Sorry for the short letter..... love you all!!! 

CTR, 義 

Elder Dawson 陶丹尼長老 

Elder Ai and I :D 

Taiwan August 10, 2014

Well hello there everyone, it's going to be a fun email ;) (actually.... probably about the same as every other email haha ;) 

     first of, let me just say thank you so much dad!!!! I wasn't expecting so much music!!! But thanks so much :D haha, love it :D We're going to use it, and create even more beautiful music!!! 

     So this week was really good :D It's not as hot here in TaiChung 台中 but it's still pretty hot haha. We've been drinking a lot of Wintermellon tea 冬瓜茶 and yes we are allowed to drink it :D It's really yummy!!! Mom, thanks for the summer wisdom, I love how much you're typing in Chinglish now haha ;) It makes it really 方便 to talk to you :D I would hope that on my mission I've become more 聰明, but you never know, I might just becoming more and more 衰老 ;) haha, kidding ;) But I'll never be as smart as Bryan, so 聰明絕頂 ;) 我傳教之後,我打算要繼續學中文,並全部時間跟你講中文:D haha, who knows, maybe afterwards I'll even be able to learn 台語 with you :D 

     So mom, about my new look, here's the story. We have a really cool singles representative here in FengJia, but the problem is he's less active haha. So we're finding his interests and bringing him back so we can hold activities with him haha :D In that journey, he's taking me out to get new Glasses, and try wearing contacts :D We'll see what happens! overall, I think it worked out pretty well :D 謝謝你跟我分享妳的智慧 ;) 

     So today I wont have a ton of time..... because we actually don't have a P-day today haha ;) You know why?? Because we get to go to the temple this wednesday!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen. It's going to be fun haha :D I'm super excited to go, seeing as I have not been to the temple in 10 months, so ya, i'm pretty happy :D 

     It's when we reach points like this in a letter that people will ask, Well Elder Dawson, what would you like to share now? It's then that I will say, "Well dear chap, it is now that I must share my weekly update!!! :D " 

Monday: Did emails and then we celebrated Elder Watsons birthday by frying meat. It was fun :D Then we went to a cool park, took some photos, and the bought groceries. All was going good, when suddenly out of the blue, it started raining. like really hard haha. That was fun to ride through ;) Then we visited a member, and had a miracle calling this lady to meet. She was like, I was just watching a youtube video on how to pray, and then you called me, so it's a miracle!! :D 

Tuesday: Had some good new investigators, and then had a really good ZTM :D And then me and Elder Watson got to go on exchanges!!! We're from the same MTC district, so I'm really happy to go on exchanges with him :D 

Wednesday: Met with RC's, and some investigators. The highlight was Sandy Liu. She was going to be baptized this week, but her family is against her joining the church. So Today she said she's going to ask her dad to come to church with her! Ghee! We're super excited :D 

Thursday: Today we met with a lot of less actives. Mainly that one singles representative we were talking about, and his older brother :D 

Friday: We had our weekly planning session, and got to meet with two of our RC's. on of them was going through a really hard time, but then he totally got an answer to his prayers! It was awesome to be able to work with him through that time :D The the other RC is still going strong, I'm just sad that he's moving to KaoHsuing 高雄 next month :( 

Saturday: Spent a whole day finding people. And had these really awesome members the Sun Family feed us dinner!!! :D They were really nice to us :D 

Sunday: So here's what happened. This week our mission was trying to have every single companionship hit 3 new investigators no matter what. Today we had our third new investigator set up, and he cancelled. We were at the end of the week, and were short one investigator. Needless to say, we were super worried, but we went home, did some studies, made plans, and went out looking for miracles! We contacted for an hour. nothing. So we decided to change our approach, so we went to two different areas, and knocked doors straight for two hours. nothing. The night was over, and we had not found a new person. We were just a little depressed, but on the way home, we decided to knock one more street. We started walking down it, and Elder Ng is like, Hey wait, lets go to that street over there. We went over there, and there were these two guys about to go on a run. Were they a miracle? Yes they were. one of them was christian, and we had the chance to teach them a lesson right there on the restoration, and set up another time next week to meet with them. 

Now, I feel like I learned a lot from this experience. It was not during all of our hard work that we were blessed. But it was at the end, when we decided to make the last push, the Lord not only blessed us with the one more that we were looking for, but with 2 more. This was a huge miracle in my life, and I'm super grateful I was able to be a part of it! 

So yes, that was the week :D I have to go now, because I have no time haha, but that's ok, I"ll talk to you all next week!! :D 

CTR, 義 

Elder Dawson 陶長老

Elder Watson and I :D

The other Elders saying hi :D  

Taiwan August 3, 2014

Well hello all, how are you doing,
 I hope good, because of the people that receive this letter, only about 70 % will read it all the way through, and only about 5% will email me back, that's life ;) haha 

So this week was really good!!! Live here in Feng Jia 逢甲 is just a party :D Let me tell you, the biggest difference is actually having to stop my bike haha! in HengChun 恆春 there was only one red light. Here I have to stop like every block! It's a little tedious haha, but that's ok, we press on, and find people to teach! :D FengJia is a land of miracles, and that is the truth. 

This last week there was a gas explosion in KaoHsiung 高雄 that took the lives of 25 people, and left over 100 people in the hospital. In this time I ask that we please pray for all the families of those affected by this disaster, and that they will be able to be comforted in this time. 

Mom, thank you so much for your testimony, In these times, sometimes it is all we can do, share our testimonies with others to strengthen them, and support them. Thanks so much mom :D I love you!!!! I hope you and Tiffany Lu (盧佳) have fun tomorrow ;) 

Dad, sound's like you're having a fun time traveling around the world, and doing missionary work! Always good combinations :D I love hearing about it every time!!! 

So.... the big thing that happened this week is Our Investigator Sara Lee 李慈玲姐妹 got baptized!!!! We had a very good service on saturday and she bore her testimony afterwards of how the gospel has truly blessed her life and given her direction after College. It was so happy!!!! The missionaries sang "I am a Child of God" and we may or may not have made an old lady cry. From joy or pain is still to be determined, but that was good :D We're super happy! I'll send a photo :D 

Yep! that was about a good overview... now for the day by day!! 

Monday: We went and saw a food exhibition in DongHai 東海 which was pretty cool and fairly yummy :D Then had an entire night of finding. That's hard to come by, so we really had a good night Tracting, contacting and finding those prepared for the gospel! :D 

Tuesday: BRYAN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I love him :D Happy birthday bryan!!! ya, so today we had some really good lessons on Facebook, and we had a lesson with our RC Steven Chen 陳弟兄 which we reviewed the first lesson. Had some english procelyting, had a good quick lesson at the church, and then had to run home so we weren't late haha :D 

Wednesday: Had interviews with President :D It was really nice to see him this time and talk to him about life for a whole 12 minutes :D I enjoyed that haha :D 

Thursday: The thirteenth article of faith was stuck in my head for some reason.... that was fun :D Today was miracle day haha! We had two people randomly call us and set up to meet! It was awesome! Then met with our investigator Kenny Huang, and ya. fun ;D 

Friday: It hit me that I entered the MTC this same month last year... then I felt old.... so then I forgot about it and moved on..... ya :D Then we had some depressing meetings trying to cheer people up :D But then met with this awesome less active who's coming back soon!!!! His name is Clark Liao 寥振超 and He's a super golden Less active if there are such things haha ;) 

Saturday: Sara got baptized, and it was a gulp of spiritual refreshingness :D 

Sunday: We're preparing for the next week miracle week! Every single companionship in the mission is going to find 3 Golden investigators that are willing to hear about the gospel! We're super excited, and so we fasted for that, and for the ward here. Sara also got confirmed, and we had a good family home evening together :D 

So yes, that was the week. If anyone is wondering, this land of Taiwan is a land of miracles! I love being here, and wouldn't give it up for anything! :D I love doing missionary work, and if we all get involved in this work of salvation, then everyone can be even more happy :D Amen :D 

CTR, 義 

Elder Dawson 陶丹尼長老 

Taiwan July27, 2014

Well hello everyone!!! Nice to hear from all of you, and not hear from some of you ;) haha, just kidding. 

     So this week was super fun!!! got quite a bit accomplished!! plus a whole ton happened with exchanging companions, learning from others, working with the ward, finding new investigators, ah! SO MUCH!! but it was fun :D 

     On to my topic sentence of this weeks email. I'm just grateful that I don't serve a mission in the south of America, I can only imagine how hard that is haha. So last saturday we had English procelyting at the HUGE Night market here :D Lucky us, right before we started, another Christian Church came over and wanted to talk to us. The first thing they said after they gave us their flyer was "I'm worried for your souls, with the fact that you're believing false doctrine." Right. Got that. So that was a fun discussion, they just wanted to come and argue, but that's not what we came here to do, so it ended up fairly interesting haha ;) no souls died, nobody was beaten up in the end, tensions were a little high in the middle there, but that's ok, because it was a pretty good experience. Oh, and best part of it all, I totally got them to think I was Taiwanese and didn't speak English haha ;) (Oh ya, it was two guys from Georgia speaking in English) So like I listened to the whole thing, and then when they said goodbye, they shook my hand and said "Sorry, I don't speak Chinese" then walked away. Haha, score! It's a pity Taiwanese people don't think that I'm asian ;) hahahaha, oh fun times :D 

Anyways.... on to the weekly update!!!!! 

Monday: We had a ping pong tournament in the Chapel, which I got second, and my companion Elder Ng got first, so that was a really fun time :D Then met with a really cool first meet, his name is Brother liao, and we met him on the street, and he brought his girlfriend to the visit! That was cool :D So we're going to keep teaching them! :D 

Tuesday: Had a good District training meeting, and then we wen't on exchanges with the Zone Leaders :D So I was with Elder Palmer. Elder Josh Palmer. Mom, dad, ring a bell??? Well I didn't know who he was haha, but he had also served in Heng Chun, so it was cool to be able to talk to him :D And then guess what! His Grandparents are the Bellistons :D The ones that used to live in the Billings house (next door to the Johns)!!!!! Isn't it just a small world!!! And He also knows the Tews haha, and he said something about playing miniature golf in Bear lake.... if you have a picture of that, that would be cool to see haha :D anyways, so it was fun being able to do missionary work with him!!! 

Wednesday: So everyone said it was going to be a Typhoon today. In fact they closed all the government buildings and said everyone had the day of because of the Typhoon, so I was like "Oh it's gonna be big!" In the end, it just rained all day. Nothing super special haha ;) But that was fun :D Unfortunately because it rained all of our lessons cancelled...... right. That's ok, next time!! 

Thursday: Met with our investigator Michael and had a long time talking about why we need prophets and the difference between our Church and Buhdism. Then we met with our investigator Sandy, and she set her own goal for August 9th! We're super excited!!! Last time she couldn't because her parents wouldn't let her be baptized, but she talked to them, and said that she could be baptized now! So we're super excited :D Miracle!!!! 

Friday: Elder Watsons birthday, and I went on another exchange with Elder Lin (Taiwanese). So I got to serve in Dong Hai for one day, and got to see what life was up there. 

Saturday: Swapped back companions, and then we got stood up :( but then had the fun Night market experience :D That was good :D 

Sunday: Even though we set up a lot of people for church, none came :( but that's alright, we will keep on pushing forward!! We made plans for Sara Lee's baptism this Saturday, and got everything set for that :D Visited a member from Mainland China, had a good Family Home Evening, and I learned more about the power of saying personal prayers out loud. Seriously. Try it sometime ;) 

So that was the week in a nutshell!!!!! Me and Elder Ng have been playing our violins together for other people, and it's been really fun :D One of these day's we'll be able to play Duets together (Ahem, hint hint ;) haha, and other than that, we're working hard to do all we can to help this area!!! It hasn't been easy by any means, but it's possible to hit the goals we've made, and so here we go, off to find miracles!!! 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老 (Miracle Seeker) 

Taiwan July 20, 2014

Dear everyone, especially the loved ones ;) 
How are you all doing??? 
I hope well, because I'm doing well also ;) 

     Well mr. Kengo Adachi is on his mission!!!! Man, he's gonna be so amazing :
     So I am doing just amazing in my new area of FengJia 逢甲. There are so many amazing people here, and so many miracles to be found!!!! :D I wen't to the night market once here trying to get to another place.... BAD IDEA. there's so many people, you feel like you might die of suffocation just looking at it all haha ;) but that's ok, it was fun :D The appartment here is really small, but that's good, not as much to clean and look after ;) The area is one of the smallest in the mission, ride about 30 minutes and you're at any of the boundaries. But that's super cool! So much to cover, so much to see :D I love it here!!!!!!
     So as for going to hyperspeed.... this week we have been Hastening the work!! I like the Chinese version of that phrase better..... Add speed to the work of salvation. Just has this feel to it that's just.... cool. hahaha ;) Love life! We've been kicking it into high gear with lessons, contacting, meetings, working with the ward, and helping less actives. It's been a lot to take it, but I'm ready for it, and with Elder Ng leading the way, we shall not fail!!!! (I say Elder Ng leading the way, because he's a lot more in tune with the boss if you know what I mean ;)
Other than that, let us go on to the weekly update!! :D

Monday: We had an awesome family treat us to a buffet. It was super yummy! and I probably ate far too much... haha, but that's ok ;) Then we spend the rest of the day cleaning the appartment. I don't know what it is, but all the appartments are always just super messy, tsk tsk, it's just something we'll have to fix ;) hahahah

Tuesday: So I had this language test/assesment.... it went really good!! It wasn't all that hard... it was just weird.... some parts of it haha. It was fun though ;) It would just say like "Summarize the Plan of salvation in three minutes speaking your mission language" and I was like "ok, I got this!" Then suddenly It would start, and you only have 30 seconds to do a 3 minute summary. odd. but really fun :D The we had a good DTM about the invitation cycle, and helping people change their lives! Met with a less active we're helping come back, and then had a miracle that included mango ice cream. That was a keeper :D
Wednesday: Sometimes people forget why they were converted... but that's ok. we till help :D We ate lunch at a place called Mr. 38. I think my mom will get why that's funny haha ;) Then more miracles! at english class :D We found some people who wanted to come to church, and it was awesome :D Amen.
Thursday: Did a lot of calls today, setting people up for the next week:D Met with some cool new investigators, and found out they didn't live in our area. But that's ok! As long as they have a chance to hear the gospel, that's what's important :D
Friday: Weekly planning!!!!! We had a dinner with a man named pony. I think his name about explains him haha ;) Then we made a lot of plans for the next week and what we plan to do :D 
Saturday: We met with our investigator Sara and finished teaching her the commandments. She's going to be baptized on August 2nd and we're all super excitied!!!! Then we met with an old grandma and her son. It was my job do distract the old grandma so that my companion could teach the son without distraction. Not fun. let me tell you, but I just spoke to her a lot of chinese idioms, and would listen to her explain them for a long time. That was unique haha ;) then she told me a lot that's going on in the world, something about a flying egg (Missile) hitting a plane and a lot of people dying. That sounds big. Then that night we went to a music performance of the Morphis family. A family from Canada with 8 kids! That was fun :D We went with some less actives and they loved it!!
Sunday: Good chuch, good studies, and guess what? Sara passed her baptismal interview!!!!! she's going to be baptized in two week!!! :D We're all super excited!!!!!
So yes, that was the week! A lot happened, a lot of good things, and we're pushing forward and looking forward to next week and what will happen. I'm happy to be turning the page onto this part of my mission, and hope that the Lord will guide me more and more as me and Elder Ng go forward in the work. Press forward saints!!!
CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老 

P.S. Hey does karen have a new email adress?? I'm afraid the emails I'm sending her aren't going through haha ;) 

The morphis family performance 

Taiwan July 13, 2014

Well hello all, 

     as my father would say it "another chapter in the continuing saga of missionary life in Taiwan!" well said, because that's exactly what's happened haha ;) So being here in FengJia is super fun! There's so many people! It's said to be the most populated city in our mission, so that's fun. What's super weird though, is that I totally remember coming to the night market here before! I remember buying phone cases, and buying a shirt that had a pocket for the neck. It's so much dejavu it's driving me crazy!!!!! :D But super fun, gotta love having people to actually talk to about missionary work :D  

     So here in FengJia, we ride our bikes a lot, but not nearly as much as Heng Chun haha ;) For my first time on my mission, I'm in a ward not a branch! That's kind of exciting :D Our investigators are doing fairly good, we plan to get so many more and rock it this move call! We have an investigator named sara that's going to be baptized on August 2nd! She's super cool :D yes, She, because there's no sisters in this area, so we teach men and woman. I love this area a ton!! oh, and we get to use facebook one a day for an hour if we have an hour to use it haha. We're a little busy here... so a lot of the time facebook doesn't get used.... oh well ;) 

     Well father, funny thing you ask about the mandarin Language. Our mission got asked to participate in a language evaluation survey for the church, so I'll be taking a long test on mandarin tomorrow :D Wish me luck! I hope it's not too hard haha ;) Other than that it's going good, talkings fine, and I'm still learning characters :D 

     and Mother, I will eat healthy and eat a lot ;) I've only forgotten to eat because we were busy twice this last week haha, but don't worry, it shouldn't happen too much ;) The weather here is Cooler than 恆春  quite a bit, so that's good :D Well... at least it feels like that haha :D 

Another fun story of the day, When I was in the MTC we had an Elder Watson in our district. And guess what, He's in our district here too!!!! yay!!!!! :D So I get to see him every week a few times :D It's pretty happy :D Ghee :D 

Thing's are super busy here, but I'm super happy to be with Elder Ng here serving! He's an older missionary, and he's super smart! We're going to rock it the best we can up here! plus, he plays the violin, so we're going to be doing some duets :D So parents... If I could get some church violin duets WITH the piano part that would be just superb :D Thanks so much!!!!!!

on to the week!!!!!!! 

Monday: Woke up realy early, came to FengJia, and the first investigator we met with is actually from Finnland haha.... imagine that ;) His name is Niko, and he's really cool! He's unfortunatley moving back to Finnland soon, but he said he'd keep investigating the church there! yay! 

Tuesday: So we didn't have bikes, so we walked everywhere... that was fun ;) had a good DTM and got to talk to quite a few people :D It was cool to see that when you slow down and walk places, there suddenly seems to be more people to talk to :D 

Wednesday: So... funny story, tuesday night we called the Assistants to the president (because we live about 20 minutes from them) and asked if they could bring me a bike so that I could get around the city. They called us back, and were like "Oh sure! And while we're up there, we'd love to go around with you two on splits doing missionary work!" Great. I'd been here for 2 days, and I was leading one of the assistants around on exchanges to go to lessons and people I'd never even met. Let me tell you, it was a crazy hecktic day, but there were miracles that happened! I went on an exchange with Elder Vandiford, and that was pretty cool :D I learned a lot about a different way to do missionary work... good times :D 

Thursday: So today was power contacting day, and Elder Ng's birthday! We're celebrating his birthday monday, though (today) so that's ok :D I set up the other missionaries to scare him give him a cake, so this should be good hahahaha ;) Then, we had power contacting! We got mini mentos and wrapped them in our chapel tracts, and then used them to contact! They look a lot like batteries, so we told everyone that the candy to give their body energy like a battery, and comming to church can give their spirit energy. It was super fun, and I'm not going to lie, it actually wen't pretty good! 

Friday: We were going to have another missionary be with us for a week! but then he couldn't come :( so that's ok.... but we had a good day today :D I met some of the Recent Converts here, and got to meet a really cool guy named Pony. Then, I met another family whos son is also going to the Canada Edmonton mission speaking Chinese!!!!! That's where one of my MTC companions went, and where someone I met in Dou LIu went!!!! Crazy, crazy crazy..........

Saturday: It was a busy day jumping between lessons, trying to find time to eat, and then getting home! So today we went down to Dou Liu to see someone that I taught there get baptized! :D His name is Fish :D It was really nice to see him for a bit, and then come back pumped to get working here in FengJia!!!!!

Sunday: Had a good Church meeting, and then Family home evening :D Our church isn't in our area, so we have to spend about 30 minutes everytime we want to go to the church meeting for anything. so that's fun :D Blessings and miracles are everywhere!

So yes, that was this week:D I'm not going to lie, it was pretty fun! Super busy, and super satisfactory. I'm not sure it that's the word I want to use, but it sounds cool there, so I'll just put it there :D I love everyone, and hope to hear more about your lives!!!! Thanks so much!!!! :D 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老


Exchanges with the Assitants 
Baptism in Dou Liu :D 

Taiwan July 7, 2014

Hello Everyone,
Well, what an amazing week!!!!!! Lots of things happened, Let me tell you, and I may not have as much time today to write.... seeing as It was move call! I moved, from the middle of the flames of Heng Chun (The very bottom of the island) all the way up to....... TaiChung Feng Jia!!! (台中逢甲) The middle of a what is possibly the most crowded city in southern Taiwan. I woke up this morning at 4:30 to be able to get here in the afternoon. Let me tell you, it was quite the journey up here haha ;) yay! So ya, that was good, I'm a little sad to leave Heng Chun, the land that I love. However, I'm super excited to be able to start my journey here in Feng Jia!!!! My new companion is Elder Ng (mom, remember the Elder Ng you gave your phone to at the airport?? it's his older brother) and he's about to go home in.... like..... 5 months ;) ya!!! It was pretty good haha, and we're going to rock it here! I'm still a facebook missionary, and I'm super excited to use facebook the best I can here to help people hear the gospel!! The night market here is huge, and also has a super famous College!!! So wish me luck as I head out!!!! I'll send some photos from last week in heng Chun, and then of me and Elder Ng :D Super excited!!! Wish me luck!!!! (oh, and the wooden shoes are in the process of being made :) Sorry not a ton today, but I love you all!!!!!! 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老 

P.S. I found out today that one of the investigators that I taught in Dou Liu is getting baptized this weekend!!!!! Wa!!!!! I'm so excited!!! :D 

English party :D 
Motorcycle anyone ;) 

Taiwan June 29, 2014

Well hello everyone once again ;) 

     Amazing how the time flies isn't it?? One minute you're here, and the next minute, you could still be here, or you could be a minute away. crazy how that works. Anyways, thanks for writing! And yes mom, I love Chinese food ;) haha, I love you tons! 

     So... mom and dad.... sorry I forgot to send pictures last week haha, completely slipped my mind ;) No worries, I have repented and will send more this week! Because let me tell ya, this week was a week full of adventure and wonder! Of to nether-land! 

     This week was full of hard work, planning, and preparing to give gifts to everyone in the ward and less actives! We're giving them a talk, a red envelope and a little bottle of sand in all the gifts :D I'll send a picture of the thing inside the red envelope haha :D It's pretty cool, and it's a photo I took :D yay!!! 

     Other than that, let us get into the weekly update!!! 

Monday: We had a friend take us around to see all these places for p-day. so we got to see Turtle mountain, go to a beach and find shells, and then go to another mountain called Guan mountain. It was so cool!!! Apparently it is marked one of the top ten places to see the sunset. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty beautiful! And I had raw fish for the first time today... that was interesting haha ;) it's actually not that bad! It was salmon, and it has a light flavor to it... not sure how to describe it.... 

Tuesday: Spent a good day preparing these gifts for less actives, and then got to meet with Sister Guo again! She's doing good, still not to happy with her baptism interviewer... but she got a liahona article that helped her feel better :D We're still working with her towards another goal, so keep praying for her! 

Wednesday: We went up to Man Zhou, and once again, I realized how fast time goes. Then we planned more for the english party next week! We're doing an american themed activity :D I'm super excited!! We're going to eat carmel popcorn, jello, and sherbert ice cream soda :D Ya...and then play jeopardy with them on american topics :D 

Thursday: Did service at the Retirement center again today! Then we had lunch with a kid named allen who wants to go on a mission! He was less active the past 2 years, but recently came back and now wants to go on a mission! Super exciting :D 

Friday: We started building a box with a bunch of church tracts to put in different places if people have interest in the church ;D It was pretty good :D Also after a long time we finally got to meet with the Liang family!!!! They're doing good, and hopefully we'll still be able to teach them more about the gospel :D They're super busy recently... well actually everyone's busy recently because the summer has come, and everyone here is a tourist haha. Oh joy ;) 

Saturday: Rode our bikes around the bottom of the island visiting investigators and members. I wasn't paying attention in one part, and may or may not have hit somthing.... and gone over my bike handlebars... but that's ok, because I'm ok, and my palms will be ok later :D It was a good day :D 

Sunday: We rode off into the wind to Wind port!!!!! I mean... Feng Gang. It is one of the farther places in our area, about 1hour 20 minutes to get there riding your bike fast. We rode up there, and it's actually a really big city! So we plan to spend more time up there finding :D IT's right by the ocean, and it's a really beautiful city :D Ya.... a little tiring getting up there haha, but that's ok, because it was worth it :D 

So yes!!! That was the week :D It was very good. Recently I have been studying Jacob 5, and when you study it particularly paying attention to what the Lord thinks of his Children, and what the Lord expects of us, the whole chapter has a really interesting spin to it ;) Just a thought. love you all!!!!! 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老
Buddhist place :D 
view from the Guan mountain :D