Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Taiwan July27, 2014

Well hello everyone!!! Nice to hear from all of you, and not hear from some of you ;) haha, just kidding. 

     So this week was super fun!!! got quite a bit accomplished!! plus a whole ton happened with exchanging companions, learning from others, working with the ward, finding new investigators, ah! SO MUCH!! but it was fun :D 

     On to my topic sentence of this weeks email. I'm just grateful that I don't serve a mission in the south of America, I can only imagine how hard that is haha. So last saturday we had English procelyting at the HUGE Night market here :D Lucky us, right before we started, another Christian Church came over and wanted to talk to us. The first thing they said after they gave us their flyer was "I'm worried for your souls, with the fact that you're believing false doctrine." Right. Got that. So that was a fun discussion, they just wanted to come and argue, but that's not what we came here to do, so it ended up fairly interesting haha ;) no souls died, nobody was beaten up in the end, tensions were a little high in the middle there, but that's ok, because it was a pretty good experience. Oh, and best part of it all, I totally got them to think I was Taiwanese and didn't speak English haha ;) (Oh ya, it was two guys from Georgia speaking in English) So like I listened to the whole thing, and then when they said goodbye, they shook my hand and said "Sorry, I don't speak Chinese" then walked away. Haha, score! It's a pity Taiwanese people don't think that I'm asian ;) hahahaha, oh fun times :D 

Anyways.... on to the weekly update!!!!! 

Monday: We had a ping pong tournament in the Chapel, which I got second, and my companion Elder Ng got first, so that was a really fun time :D Then met with a really cool first meet, his name is Brother liao, and we met him on the street, and he brought his girlfriend to the visit! That was cool :D So we're going to keep teaching them! :D 

Tuesday: Had a good District training meeting, and then we wen't on exchanges with the Zone Leaders :D So I was with Elder Palmer. Elder Josh Palmer. Mom, dad, ring a bell??? Well I didn't know who he was haha, but he had also served in Heng Chun, so it was cool to be able to talk to him :D And then guess what! His Grandparents are the Bellistons :D The ones that used to live in the Billings house (next door to the Johns)!!!!! Isn't it just a small world!!! And He also knows the Tews haha, and he said something about playing miniature golf in Bear lake.... if you have a picture of that, that would be cool to see haha :D anyways, so it was fun being able to do missionary work with him!!! 

Wednesday: So everyone said it was going to be a Typhoon today. In fact they closed all the government buildings and said everyone had the day of because of the Typhoon, so I was like "Oh it's gonna be big!" In the end, it just rained all day. Nothing super special haha ;) But that was fun :D Unfortunately because it rained all of our lessons cancelled...... right. That's ok, next time!! 

Thursday: Met with our investigator Michael and had a long time talking about why we need prophets and the difference between our Church and Buhdism. Then we met with our investigator Sandy, and she set her own goal for August 9th! We're super excited!!! Last time she couldn't because her parents wouldn't let her be baptized, but she talked to them, and said that she could be baptized now! So we're super excited :D Miracle!!!! 

Friday: Elder Watsons birthday, and I went on another exchange with Elder Lin (Taiwanese). So I got to serve in Dong Hai for one day, and got to see what life was up there. 

Saturday: Swapped back companions, and then we got stood up :( but then had the fun Night market experience :D That was good :D 

Sunday: Even though we set up a lot of people for church, none came :( but that's alright, we will keep on pushing forward!! We made plans for Sara Lee's baptism this Saturday, and got everything set for that :D Visited a member from Mainland China, had a good Family Home Evening, and I learned more about the power of saying personal prayers out loud. Seriously. Try it sometime ;) 

So that was the week in a nutshell!!!!! Me and Elder Ng have been playing our violins together for other people, and it's been really fun :D One of these day's we'll be able to play Duets together (Ahem, hint hint ;) haha, and other than that, we're working hard to do all we can to help this area!!! It hasn't been easy by any means, but it's possible to hit the goals we've made, and so here we go, off to find miracles!!! 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老 (Miracle Seeker) 

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