Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Taiwan July 20, 2014

Dear everyone, especially the loved ones ;) 
How are you all doing??? 
I hope well, because I'm doing well also ;) 

     Well mr. Kengo Adachi is on his mission!!!! Man, he's gonna be so amazing :
     So I am doing just amazing in my new area of FengJia 逢甲. There are so many amazing people here, and so many miracles to be found!!!! :D I wen't to the night market once here trying to get to another place.... BAD IDEA. there's so many people, you feel like you might die of suffocation just looking at it all haha ;) but that's ok, it was fun :D The appartment here is really small, but that's good, not as much to clean and look after ;) The area is one of the smallest in the mission, ride about 30 minutes and you're at any of the boundaries. But that's super cool! So much to cover, so much to see :D I love it here!!!!!!
     So as for going to hyperspeed.... this week we have been Hastening the work!! I like the Chinese version of that phrase better..... Add speed to the work of salvation. Just has this feel to it that's just.... cool. hahaha ;) Love life! We've been kicking it into high gear with lessons, contacting, meetings, working with the ward, and helping less actives. It's been a lot to take it, but I'm ready for it, and with Elder Ng leading the way, we shall not fail!!!! (I say Elder Ng leading the way, because he's a lot more in tune with the boss if you know what I mean ;)
Other than that, let us go on to the weekly update!! :D

Monday: We had an awesome family treat us to a buffet. It was super yummy! and I probably ate far too much... haha, but that's ok ;) Then we spend the rest of the day cleaning the appartment. I don't know what it is, but all the appartments are always just super messy, tsk tsk, it's just something we'll have to fix ;) hahahah

Tuesday: So I had this language test/assesment.... it went really good!! It wasn't all that hard... it was just weird.... some parts of it haha. It was fun though ;) It would just say like "Summarize the Plan of salvation in three minutes speaking your mission language" and I was like "ok, I got this!" Then suddenly It would start, and you only have 30 seconds to do a 3 minute summary. odd. but really fun :D The we had a good DTM about the invitation cycle, and helping people change their lives! Met with a less active we're helping come back, and then had a miracle that included mango ice cream. That was a keeper :D
Wednesday: Sometimes people forget why they were converted... but that's ok. we till help :D We ate lunch at a place called Mr. 38. I think my mom will get why that's funny haha ;) Then more miracles! at english class :D We found some people who wanted to come to church, and it was awesome :D Amen.
Thursday: Did a lot of calls today, setting people up for the next week:D Met with some cool new investigators, and found out they didn't live in our area. But that's ok! As long as they have a chance to hear the gospel, that's what's important :D
Friday: Weekly planning!!!!! We had a dinner with a man named pony. I think his name about explains him haha ;) Then we made a lot of plans for the next week and what we plan to do :D 
Saturday: We met with our investigator Sara and finished teaching her the commandments. She's going to be baptized on August 2nd and we're all super excitied!!!! Then we met with an old grandma and her son. It was my job do distract the old grandma so that my companion could teach the son without distraction. Not fun. let me tell you, but I just spoke to her a lot of chinese idioms, and would listen to her explain them for a long time. That was unique haha ;) then she told me a lot that's going on in the world, something about a flying egg (Missile) hitting a plane and a lot of people dying. That sounds big. Then that night we went to a music performance of the Morphis family. A family from Canada with 8 kids! That was fun :D We went with some less actives and they loved it!!
Sunday: Good chuch, good studies, and guess what? Sara passed her baptismal interview!!!!! she's going to be baptized in two week!!! :D We're all super excited!!!!!
So yes, that was the week! A lot happened, a lot of good things, and we're pushing forward and looking forward to next week and what will happen. I'm happy to be turning the page onto this part of my mission, and hope that the Lord will guide me more and more as me and Elder Ng go forward in the work. Press forward saints!!!
CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老 

P.S. Hey does karen have a new email adress?? I'm afraid the emails I'm sending her aren't going through haha ;) 

The morphis family performance 

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