Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Taiwan August 10, 2014

Well hello there everyone, it's going to be a fun email ;) (actually.... probably about the same as every other email haha ;) 

     first of, let me just say thank you so much dad!!!! I wasn't expecting so much music!!! But thanks so much :D haha, love it :D We're going to use it, and create even more beautiful music!!! 

     So this week was really good :D It's not as hot here in TaiChung 台中 but it's still pretty hot haha. We've been drinking a lot of Wintermellon tea 冬瓜茶 and yes we are allowed to drink it :D It's really yummy!!! Mom, thanks for the summer wisdom, I love how much you're typing in Chinglish now haha ;) It makes it really 方便 to talk to you :D I would hope that on my mission I've become more 聰明, but you never know, I might just becoming more and more 衰老 ;) haha, kidding ;) But I'll never be as smart as Bryan, so 聰明絕頂 ;) 我傳教之後,我打算要繼續學中文,並全部時間跟你講中文:D haha, who knows, maybe afterwards I'll even be able to learn 台語 with you :D 

     So mom, about my new look, here's the story. We have a really cool singles representative here in FengJia, but the problem is he's less active haha. So we're finding his interests and bringing him back so we can hold activities with him haha :D In that journey, he's taking me out to get new Glasses, and try wearing contacts :D We'll see what happens! overall, I think it worked out pretty well :D 謝謝你跟我分享妳的智慧 ;) 

     So today I wont have a ton of time..... because we actually don't have a P-day today haha ;) You know why?? Because we get to go to the temple this wednesday!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen. It's going to be fun haha :D I'm super excited to go, seeing as I have not been to the temple in 10 months, so ya, i'm pretty happy :D 

     It's when we reach points like this in a letter that people will ask, Well Elder Dawson, what would you like to share now? It's then that I will say, "Well dear chap, it is now that I must share my weekly update!!! :D " 

Monday: Did emails and then we celebrated Elder Watsons birthday by frying meat. It was fun :D Then we went to a cool park, took some photos, and the bought groceries. All was going good, when suddenly out of the blue, it started raining. like really hard haha. That was fun to ride through ;) Then we visited a member, and had a miracle calling this lady to meet. She was like, I was just watching a youtube video on how to pray, and then you called me, so it's a miracle!! :D 

Tuesday: Had some good new investigators, and then had a really good ZTM :D And then me and Elder Watson got to go on exchanges!!! We're from the same MTC district, so I'm really happy to go on exchanges with him :D 

Wednesday: Met with RC's, and some investigators. The highlight was Sandy Liu. She was going to be baptized this week, but her family is against her joining the church. So Today she said she's going to ask her dad to come to church with her! Ghee! We're super excited :D 

Thursday: Today we met with a lot of less actives. Mainly that one singles representative we were talking about, and his older brother :D 

Friday: We had our weekly planning session, and got to meet with two of our RC's. on of them was going through a really hard time, but then he totally got an answer to his prayers! It was awesome to be able to work with him through that time :D The the other RC is still going strong, I'm just sad that he's moving to KaoHsuing 高雄 next month :( 

Saturday: Spent a whole day finding people. And had these really awesome members the Sun Family feed us dinner!!! :D They were really nice to us :D 

Sunday: So here's what happened. This week our mission was trying to have every single companionship hit 3 new investigators no matter what. Today we had our third new investigator set up, and he cancelled. We were at the end of the week, and were short one investigator. Needless to say, we were super worried, but we went home, did some studies, made plans, and went out looking for miracles! We contacted for an hour. nothing. So we decided to change our approach, so we went to two different areas, and knocked doors straight for two hours. nothing. The night was over, and we had not found a new person. We were just a little depressed, but on the way home, we decided to knock one more street. We started walking down it, and Elder Ng is like, Hey wait, lets go to that street over there. We went over there, and there were these two guys about to go on a run. Were they a miracle? Yes they were. one of them was christian, and we had the chance to teach them a lesson right there on the restoration, and set up another time next week to meet with them. 

Now, I feel like I learned a lot from this experience. It was not during all of our hard work that we were blessed. But it was at the end, when we decided to make the last push, the Lord not only blessed us with the one more that we were looking for, but with 2 more. This was a huge miracle in my life, and I'm super grateful I was able to be a part of it! 

So yes, that was the week :D I have to go now, because I have no time haha, but that's ok, I"ll talk to you all next week!! :D 

CTR, 義 

Elder Dawson 陶長老

Elder Watson and I :D

The other Elders saying hi :D  

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