Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Taiwan August 3, 2014

Well hello all, how are you doing,
 I hope good, because of the people that receive this letter, only about 70 % will read it all the way through, and only about 5% will email me back, that's life ;) haha 

So this week was really good!!! Live here in Feng Jia 逢甲 is just a party :D Let me tell you, the biggest difference is actually having to stop my bike haha! in HengChun 恆春 there was only one red light. Here I have to stop like every block! It's a little tedious haha, but that's ok, we press on, and find people to teach! :D FengJia is a land of miracles, and that is the truth. 

This last week there was a gas explosion in KaoHsiung 高雄 that took the lives of 25 people, and left over 100 people in the hospital. In this time I ask that we please pray for all the families of those affected by this disaster, and that they will be able to be comforted in this time. 

Mom, thank you so much for your testimony, In these times, sometimes it is all we can do, share our testimonies with others to strengthen them, and support them. Thanks so much mom :D I love you!!!! I hope you and Tiffany Lu (盧佳) have fun tomorrow ;) 

Dad, sound's like you're having a fun time traveling around the world, and doing missionary work! Always good combinations :D I love hearing about it every time!!! 

So.... the big thing that happened this week is Our Investigator Sara Lee 李慈玲姐妹 got baptized!!!! We had a very good service on saturday and she bore her testimony afterwards of how the gospel has truly blessed her life and given her direction after College. It was so happy!!!! The missionaries sang "I am a Child of God" and we may or may not have made an old lady cry. From joy or pain is still to be determined, but that was good :D We're super happy! I'll send a photo :D 

Yep! that was about a good overview... now for the day by day!! 

Monday: We went and saw a food exhibition in DongHai 東海 which was pretty cool and fairly yummy :D Then had an entire night of finding. That's hard to come by, so we really had a good night Tracting, contacting and finding those prepared for the gospel! :D 

Tuesday: BRYAN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I love him :D Happy birthday bryan!!! ya, so today we had some really good lessons on Facebook, and we had a lesson with our RC Steven Chen 陳弟兄 which we reviewed the first lesson. Had some english procelyting, had a good quick lesson at the church, and then had to run home so we weren't late haha :D 

Wednesday: Had interviews with President :D It was really nice to see him this time and talk to him about life for a whole 12 minutes :D I enjoyed that haha :D 

Thursday: The thirteenth article of faith was stuck in my head for some reason.... that was fun :D Today was miracle day haha! We had two people randomly call us and set up to meet! It was awesome! Then met with our investigator Kenny Huang, and ya. fun ;D 

Friday: It hit me that I entered the MTC this same month last year... then I felt old.... so then I forgot about it and moved on..... ya :D Then we had some depressing meetings trying to cheer people up :D But then met with this awesome less active who's coming back soon!!!! His name is Clark Liao 寥振超 and He's a super golden Less active if there are such things haha ;) 

Saturday: Sara got baptized, and it was a gulp of spiritual refreshingness :D 

Sunday: We're preparing for the next week miracle week! Every single companionship in the mission is going to find 3 Golden investigators that are willing to hear about the gospel! We're super excited, and so we fasted for that, and for the ward here. Sara also got confirmed, and we had a good family home evening together :D 

So yes, that was the week. If anyone is wondering, this land of Taiwan is a land of miracles! I love being here, and wouldn't give it up for anything! :D I love doing missionary work, and if we all get involved in this work of salvation, then everyone can be even more happy :D Amen :D 

CTR, 義 

Elder Dawson 陶丹尼長老 

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