Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Taiwan Aug 20, 2014

Hello Family, 

     Hello Family and hello all!!!! I hope you all had an amazing week, and that you all had a good chance to catch up on life, relax, party, and just have a good time :D This week was pretty good, it's been a very interesting week, but we can all make it through it if we persevere!!! 

     At this time for the missionary work in Taiwan, things are going well, and things are also going hard. This past week, we had two outstanding missionaries from the Taiwan Taipei mission pass away unexpectedly. Being here in Taiwan so close to them has been hard, and we all have felt the sadness that comes from the passing of those who are in the service of God. At this time, I hope that everyone can join with all the Taiwanese members in praying for the families of these two missionaries, and to pray for the protection of all missionaries in the world. Let us group together in these times, praying and fasting for these families. 

     So with that, I would also like everyone to know that I am doing fine, no need to worry about me :D I am still doing ok here on the island of Taiwan :D My new companion is a funny guy ;) 他的中文還OK哈哈。有時候他的發音沒有聲調,可是沒有關係:D 跟我們一般的傳教士差不多哈哈。 Mother. I'm eating healthy, no worries :D A fun fact about my new companion Elder Ai, is that he is a vegetarian haha. So it looks like I will be loosing weight in the near future. It's inevitable haha. 

     Oh hey dad, the Sealing session last week was in Chinese, so that was fun haha :D And this week went really well! We found a really cool new investigator!!! Well we didn't really find her, it was a member referral haha :D GHEE :D it was good! haha, and a good story from the mission?? ummm.... I"m not sure, would you like funny, or spiritual? haha, there seems to be a good mix of both of those types of stories in life :D haha :D 

     So yes, It's been a interesting week, here's an update: 

Monday: This P-day we went to NanTou 南頭 for the day, and I got my new companion Elder Ai :D ya that was fun!!!! Other than that, at night time, we visited a member, and got to know them better. 

Tuesday: Quite the journey today, let me tell you, quite the journey ;) haha :D We had a lot of time to find new people, and a lot of time working with some investigators :D It was a good roundabout day, the kind of day that I like :D 

Wednesday: We had a good day of tracting, contacting, doing calls, and some lessons :D and then we had some time to be able to have English class!! They switched my class, so from now on, I will be teaching the beginners class :D I'm so excited!! :D 

Thursday: A year ago from this day I entered the MTC. It was a day of pondering, realizing that I've been on my mission a year, and that from this point on, it's going downhill. I once heard a missionary say that you should live your mission like you're always in the middle :D No ready to go home, and not feeling like you just got here :D So here's to doing that!! :D Ghee :D 

Friday: We had a chance to See the Hawaiian Pianist Kuahu. He came to Taiwan to perform :D He's the one that's blind, and can hear a song, and then just play it :D It's super cool, and really amazing!!! wa :D It was pretty inspirational seeing him play the piano haha :D 

Saturday: The move call started setting in, and goals started being set. I'm super excited to go for it!! :D yeah!!! 

Sunday: We had a good time at church, and we had a lot of people we're working with come :D Unfortunately a lot of our lessons cancelled on us, but that's ok, we will persevere and move on!! :D gotta love like and moving on!!! :D 

So yes, that would be this week, I hope that You will all be praying for the missionaries in the field. If anyones out there, This is Elder Dawson signing out from his year mark. From this point on, we work harder. :D 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老 

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