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Taiwan Aug 31, 2014

Well hello everyone, how are you doing?? 

     媽媽,你說的沒錯,我們每天很忙,但天父真的每天的在祝福我 :D 希望你那邊也是如此。 愛你囉! So mom, thanks for sharing about when you left Taiwan :D We actually just got a chance to meet a Phillipino lady who came to Taiwan for 3 years, not speaking the language at all, but came here to work to earn money for her family. They're such strong examples it's really a good testimony builder :D 

     So mom and dad, it looks like Brother Harris's grandson Tanner Redding will be arriving in Taiwan on September 25th. I saw his picture yesterday, and we're all excited to invite the new missionaries onto Island!!! :D Happy days!! :D 

     Well good to know that the world still spins around overt there while I'm over here, good to know ;) haha, oh, and on that note....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you tons!!!!! And I hope you have an amazing birthday today!!!!!!! 

     So before you all ask me what we're doing today for Birthday, I'll let you know :D We're going to go to a Pizza buffet, and then we're going to go to Costco and get food for like the whole month haha :D Yay!!! Fun times.... ya, it should be a pretty good day :D 

Ya.... And on to the weekly report!!! 

Monday: Well this monday we spent at the church playing ping pong. I won, no biggie ;) haha, no but really, it was fun :D We played ping pong and and sang, and basically just had a good time :D then at night we went out and did calls, and contacted people :D 

Tuesday: Today we had a really awkward District Training meeting haha, but that's ok. Awkwardness happens. haha, and then we got to ride our bikes up the treacherous Hill! So the other Elder's in our area live on a hill. And it's really steep, and to bike from bottom to top, takes about 30 minutes of constant uphill. Lucky us they wanted to do English Proselyting at the very top of that hill. So that was a fun bike ride ;) Then we had a member visit with a Lin Zhe Hong 林哲弘 and it was a very yummy vegetarian restaurant :D I don't know if I've told you all yet or not... but My companion is Vegetarian, so we don't get to eat meat a lot haha ;) 

Wednesday: I realized that I have forgotten how to spell haha. Whoops ;) So we had a miracle today meeting with a former!!! She is a member of one of the most expensive real estate agencies in all of Taiwan, and she's super cool!!! Her name is Ginger, and she's a really funny person haha. So ya, it was a miracle getting to meet with her :D And then we had english class!! :D 

Thursday: We went on exchanges with the other Elders, and I was with an Elder Hintze from Kaysville utah :D It was really super fun!!! We rocked it in his area, and had another miracle! ok, so in the morning we did service for a family, and it went a little long... which means our study times and everything else got pushed back. So by the time we ate lunch, it was like 3 in the afternoon, and everywhere was closed. The place we wanted to go eat was closed, so we just decided to eat at a different place nearby. just like randomly pick a place and eat :D We got in there and chose what to eat, and then when we went up to pay, the boss lady said "Hey can I show you something?" and I was like, "well sure". She then proceeded to pull out a book of mormon from beneath the desk and told me "About 6 months ago people would come visit me and tell me about this book, and I would go to church with them every week. Then 4 months ago they suddenly stopped and I couldn't find them." She then continued saying "I went to church once or twice, but couldn't find any friends, so I stopped going." I was super suprised that we had found her! and then she continued saying "I watch you missionaries pass by here almost every day, but never was bold enough to go and talk to you all, because I've never met any of you, but when you walked into my shop today, i said to myself "This is it, they've finally come to find me, they've finally come!" I do have to say, I was really touched, and I've forever glad that we decided to eat lunch there and help this sister be able to know us, and start coming back to church, and hopefully be baptized :D Yay miracles!!! :D 

Friday: Well we had a good day meeting with some Recent converts, and having a good time teaching them more about the gospel :D You know, it's really nice to teach people the gospel when they've like already accepted it's true :D Amen. 

Saturday: We had a lot of lessons cancel, but we had a killer lesson with our investigator Sister Tian 田媽媽. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and it was amazing! The spirt was so strong as our member shared his testimony about the atonement and how it will make us all better if we try. It was a really amazing lesson, and it jut reafirmes the fact that the spirit is the best teacher :D 

Sunday: well we had a good sunday.... Not a lot happened because we suddenly had to go to the mission home and stay there for a while. but that's ok :D I got to talk to them a lot, and got to see what's going on in the mission recently :D Other than that, this week at church, we had an abundance of people from mainland China at church, all not members, but all willing to learn :D So yes, it was another miracle! 

So yes, that was this week!!!! As I look back at this week, I feel like it was a hard week for some reason. But then as I'm writing home to you all, I realize just how many blessings and miracles I've been recieving! It's cool how that works. Sometimes it's during the harder times that the blessings come. Yay :D 

CTR, 義 

Elder Dawson 陶長老

Some Photos for you :D Because Jenny said I needed to send more photos home haha ;) 

Well look who's in my district ;) Nichole Peng from Bountiful Utah haha ;) 

 My zebra Tiles from cleaning ;) yes they were that dirty before I cleaned them haha ;) 

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