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Taiwan Sept 14, 2014

Well hello worldwide sparklers, how are you? 

     The tab button on this computer doesn't work. That's frustrating. haha, never mind, all will be well if my posterity make it to zion. ;) what?? Who said that.... So, this week was a really fun, and really happy week!!!! Ghee!!!!!!!! :D 

     Mom and dad, It sounds like you're doing awesome. To answer some of your questions, yes, I have performed Savior redeemer of my soul here in Taiwan many times :D Next week I will be performing a song "Every step is faith" 每一步都是信心 and I'm pretty excited :D and mom guess what! My companion's last last area was 潮州 so if any of them were from the 潮州branch, then he might know them :D That's super cool! And if they're from 台中,well that's where I am now haha, it depends on which part they are from :D I wish you luck with that much cooking!! Take some photos and send them to me :D About the wooden shoes, I'll send them home today, and mom you can decide what you'd like to do with them :D 木鞋的價錢,一共是臺幣4,000 :D 

     My companion is spanish, and so here, he sometimes speaks spanish, but not a lot haha, we usually just speak in English, unless he feels like talking to me in Chinese, then we will haha ;D Random thought, please pray that the new missionaries will be able to come on island this move call. Something happened with their visa's, and so there's been some problems and they might not be able to come. Just pray for them a lot ;D 

     Other than that, this week was a phenominal week full of Mispelling, miracles, and not knowing English!!! Ghee :D I suppose that happens to everyone at times, but this week just seemed a little.... obvious. I can't speak english, I can speak Chinese. Great. Kidding, My English is just fine ;) SMILE! it's so much from to hear from people. 

     This week 呢? what did we do? Well let me tell you, it was an adventure in it all. Full of the exciting thrills, to the terrible heart breaks. I may sound like I'm exaggerating, but really, it was quite the week. 

Monday: A good P-day all in all :D then we went to a place called Carton king for lunch, the place where everything is made out of cardboard haha. It was really cool :D I bought my new bag for missionary work there. It's made completely out of carboard haha, but they said it can be washed.... I'm skeptical, but we'll see what happens haha ;) 

Tuesday: We had a meeting with our RC Steven, because he's going to GaoXiong 高雄 soon for schooling, so we were just preparing him for the switch down there :D We had a pretty good DTM on our calling as missionaries, and then practicing singing. We are going to be singing in a art festival in a few weeks, so we're practicing hard, and I'll get to play my violin for it :D After singing, I went on exchanges with Elder Watson!!!! Love that guy :D We were in his area up there in DongHai 東海 and we rocked it contacting the day and meeting with a member :D 

Wednesday: We contacted even more, and then had a good english class :D While contacting we met some really cool people!!!! But for some reason none of them lived in our area... weird, but that's ok, all is good as long as they get a chance to learn about the gospel: D 

Thursday: We had a chance to meet with a new investigator named Fish 張增瑜 who was super open to learning about the gospel! She graduated from the nicest university in Taiwan, and she's super smart! We love teaching her :D then we met with a mom who's going to be baptized this saturday!! Her name is Chen pei Xuan 陳沛璇 and she's from Mainland China :D She's progressing awesomely, and it's always a pleasure to meet with her :D 

Friday: a day of meditation and thought... and a fun weekly planning session haha. I realized that sometimes we spend far too much time thinking, and not enough time doing. That was a journey :D 

Saturday: 媽媽,祝你生日快樂!!! 這個日子是妳真正的生日嗎? 哈哈:D 我愛妳喔!  We met with another one of our investigators that's name is Justin. 'he's doing good, he's willing to read the book of Mormon to see if it's true, so we'll be praying for him that all goes well ;D After that heartbreak struck, and the girl that was going to be baptized today had to drop out because her father wouldn't let her be baptized :( we were all very heart broken, but her faith is super strong! And she's gonna keep going until she can get baptized!! Pray for her! Her name is Sandy Liu 劉騏甄 .  after that, Then our ward had a cooking competition. It was yummy, and a good chance for a bunch of our investigators to know ward members :D 

Sunday: We hit mission standards this week!!!! We're so excited!!! This area's been a little down ever since I've gotten here, and we've been trying to hit mission standards so hard, and we finally did it this week!!! ah!!! We're so excited :D Ya, other than that, we had a good church meeting :D Sang a lot afterwards, and I also had a chance to play my violin. Then we went to a Young single adult activity barbequing haha :D We had a chance to meet some less actives, and some new investigators :D It was a really good activity! and very yummy if I might say so too :D 

So yes, that was the week in a nutshell :D There was a lot of ups and downs this week. Not going to lie, but it's nice to know that in all we do, there is comfort and help. A comment was made this week that we don't speak of Christ enough in our lives. I've been pondering this thought, and pondering about the atonement and what exactly it means. It's been quite the week :D 

CTR, 義 

Elder Dawson 小可愛的陶長老 

P.S. Photos?? 
                                                  Steven and I :D 

                                          Cardboard bag :D 

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