Sunday, October 12, 2014

Taiwan Sept 21, 2014

Howdy Everyone out there. I just realized,  I am officially past halfway on my mission. Weird how things happen like that haha ;) 

     So this week was a blast!!! well, most weeks are a blast, but especially this week! Tee hee :D I'll let you know in just a bit why! 

     Mom and dad that sounds awesome! Sounds like you two had a full and compelling week haha :D Traveling around... driving to St. George.... feeding a lot of Taiwanese people haha :D yay taiwanese people! fun times ;D 

     Well this week was full, and the best part of it was probably that we had a baptism!!!!!! Her name is Sister Chen, and she is a mother of Two. After she learned about the temple, she said "Oh... well then I guess I have to hurry and get my husband baptized so we can have an eternal family!" and we were like "Well yes, I guess you should" :D haha, she's so amazing, and I feel truly blessed that I got to know her! She's helping teach her 9 year old son right now so that he can be baptized, and then we can start visiting her house and meeting with her husband. yay FAMILIES!!!!!!!!!!!! Families can be together forever :D 

     So that was the highlight of this week..... other than that 呢? well let me tell you right now :D 

Monday: We spent a day at the mission headquarters doing the baptismal interview for Sister Chen, and we got to meet her husband! He's super nice, and said he'd love to meet with us also :D And then we ate lunch at a really yummy hamburger place haha, joy :D ya.... then we did a lot of phone calls haha. 

Tuesday: A spiritually lifting and inspiring day! Today was our Zone Conference, and man, I just love having a whole day where we can learn from president, and be enlightened to go back to our own procelyting areas :D We talked a lot about our purpose in our missions, how to teach the first lesson, how to be safe with CO monitors, and so much more! It was cool :D Then we had what I think ranks on the top 5 most depressing lessons I've ever had. We met with a lady who's older brother just died and she was very depressed. We shared the plan of salvation with her, but something didn't quite click, and she just couldn't find a way to even want to start to believe. It was hard for me to see, but we tried to help the best we could, and now we just leave it up to her to accept or not. See if she will do her part, pray and ask. 

Wednesday: We taught the Plan of salvation again to another one of our investigators Sister Zhan! This time went a lot better haha, and she said she'd come to church again :D Then I had a kick butt english class!! It was so good, and then Elder Ai Got in to teach the spiritual share, and he taught about the law of chastity. Hm. Ya we had a talk about that haha ;) oh fun times ;D 

Thursday: A fun day full of lessons! One of the more prominant investigators is Fish. Or Sister Zhang. She's super awesome, and we taught her the Plan of salvation today and it went pretty well :D Then we had two new investigators (a family!!! Families families families!!!!!) and got to get to know them and spend a lesson teaching about who god and Jesus Christ are, and why they matter in our lives. It was a really good lesson!

Friday: We realized that most of our investigators at this point are 40 year old moms with 2 kids haha. We only have 3 college students, and we are now teaching 6 Moms, each with 2 kids haha. It's funny how these things work out, but you know what they say? 你尋找什麼,就得到什麼。What you look for is what you get :D and we want to teach families!! :D We got to practice a lot of singing for this sundays performance, and then on saturday we're singing at a art exhibit :D Then we had the baptism for Sister Chen!!!! We were so nervous!!!! The service started at 7, and at 6:55, NOBODY was there except for the missionaries and the person who was going to baptize her. We were so nervous, and nobody was answering there phones! ah! But in the end it was ok, at about 7:10 everybody started walking in, apparently the traffic was super bad, so everybody was delayed haha. In the end all was well, and the service went beautifully. When the missionaries started performing love at home, I looked over to see Sister Chen moved by the spirit, and crying all over the poor hymn book haha. It moved me. Truly. And when she shared her testimony, she started crying again. It's moments like these that's I'm truly glad to be a missionary. To see how much the gospel has touched the life of someone else. Oh, and to see how fast all the relief society women can run to the pulpit with tissues hahaha. It was like, Hey someone's crying? Quick! 7 people swarm them with tissues!! haha :D I love this church :D Ya, it was a phenominal day :D 

Saturday: Jesus wants me for a sunbeam! soooo...... today we found a family Tracting!!! (families families families!!!!!!) and that was a huge miracle :D then we had the chance to sing at an art Exhibition. Ok, i thought it would just be an ok thing, not to big. Oh no. This was one of the nicest things I have EVER SEEN. we were wearing suits and I still felt underdressed haha. But we sang our hymns, and I got to play an excerpt of one of Mendelsons violin Concerto's to honor the artist haha. It was a cool experience :D Then... oh.... then we had dinner, and then got to meet with a former, and the lesson went really good. I might just say ;) Then.... the Typhoon came!! along with a torrential downpoor. Me and my dinky little rain gear? not a chance. Haha, I got soaked in the first 5 minutes riding in that rain haha. And the fun thing about when it rains in the middle of the city? the rain isn't clean, so when it streams into your eyes, it stings. really bad. haha, so that was a fun ride home :D 

Sunday: Well... because of the Typhoon, they cancelled Church, and we were told to stay indoors. It didn't really rain at all on sunday, but I guess they just wanted to be safe. So we didn't have a church service, so all of our investigators who were going to go didn't get a chance, and then Sister Chen didn't get the gift of the Holy Ghost. So I guess that'll all have to wait till next week haha ;) so today we basically just cleaned..... went out and did some tracting... not a whole ton, worked as hard as we could with the time we were allowed haha :D Good times:D 

So yes, that was this week!!!!! After the ups and downs, I'll have you know, I still know this church is true, and I know that Heavenly Father Loves us. Sometimes I think I could list and go into a ton of details, but simplicity is key. God loves us. Amen. 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawsons 陶長老 

                                       P.S. The Baptism :D 

                                          The art Show! 

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