Sunday, October 12, 2014

Taiwan Sept 7, 2014

Well hello everyone!!!!!! :D 

     Hope you all had a good week :D My week was awesome!!!!! I just got to work hard, ride hard, and find people to teach!!!! This week had a bit of a different spice to it, because It was the Moon festival!!!! Oh joy ;) haha 

    So mom, I think no worries about the shirts and stuff :D There's a costco here, and I think we're going to buy some shirts from there :D If that doesn't work, then I will get back to you :D thanks so much though!!! I found out american candy is a great way to get members to like you even more :D haha :D oh fun times !! 

     So dad, the hill here is very comparable to the 1800 hill haha :D There probably about the same.... just riding up one of them in sunday clothes... ya... haha :D 

So, I really like the area I'm in right now :D I'm in FengJia, and it's fun!!! The ward is really nice. They don't know very well how to work with missionaries in doing the work, but hey, that is ok, because that is something me and my companion can help with :D Ya, we're super excited to keep going!!! The next transfers are in 3 weeks, and it's pretty definite that I'll be moving..... ya.... I guess we'll see what happens ;) 

Ya this week is going awesome!!!!! We found people to teach, had some crazy times running around, and basically just worked our absolute hardest!!! That was the best part of this week :D Actually who am I kidding, every week is amazing!!! And now that I'm 20, I feel even older!!! haha, look at that ;) good times ;) 

So yes..... let me tell you how this week went!!!!! 

monday: So today for P-day we had a good time going to a pizza buffet in our area, and then going out to Costco!!! I was really happy, because It was my first time going to Costco here in Taiwan ;D It's basically the exact same thing as america, just everything has a sticker on it with the Chinese translation hahahahaha :D It was really fun :D I bought some muffins for my birthday, and enough oatmeal to last me for the rest of my mission :D Good times!! Then that night we met with a member from Paraguay, and him and my companion talked in Spanish the whole time and were all happy :D Haha 

Tuesday: Well it was my birthday!! Today we were having Zone Training Meeting, and so the Zone leaders had us go up early so that "Elder Ai Could Draw something for them". haha, but really what happened when we got there is that They had Pizza, cake, and these really yummy drinks to celebrate my birthday :D haha, they're so nice :D The for ZTM president Blickenstaff and Sister Blickenstaff came, so that was really fun to get to see them :D and then a member gave us more muffins, so now we have twice as many muffins as we would have ever wanted.... hahahahaha :D We then contacted the day away finding the prepared souls that are out there in the world!!!!! 

Wednesday: We had a good day of talking and communication... yep ;D that was fun!! Then a Kick Butt English class at night about friends and families!!!! We rocked it, and thanks to my mother sending me good american candy, I bribed there friendship with Twizzlers haha :D Good days :D Then President Called me and said happy birthday to me, because he didn't know it was my birthday yesterday :D 

Thursday: We met with one of our Mainland China investigators and she's so awesome! Sister Chen, and she's golden haha! She's going to be baptized on September 20th, and she's looking like she's going to hit that goal :D Of course it was interesting, because we had to stop our Member from trying to convert her to Buhdism haha, so that was a fun journey ;) ya, and then at night we went procelyting in the Night Market and found some really nice People from africa :D 

Friday; Ok, from here on is where our week became even more crazy!!!! So today, we were out of the house early to do service at one of our RC's house, and then ran to teach another lesson to a Sister Zhan ;D It went well, but we had to ride like the wind to get to our next lesson with a less active named matthew :D All was well, and we got to do some of our Weekly Planning, and then we ran over to meet with a new investigator named Fish. She's super smart and graduated from Taiwan nation University!!! we're going to see how teaching her goes :D haha then we practiced singing and playing the violin for tomorrow. 

Saturday: Most crazy day of my life. Ok so the Chapel isn't in our area, and we had to ride to it and back to our area so many times today! So this morning we attended a really depressing funeral, and I played my violin there. I performed "Abide with me tis eventide." and it went really well. After that, we had to run back to our house, change, and then run to the church. Had a meeting there with one of our RC's, and then ran back to our area to have lunch with an investigator. After that, we ran back to the church for a baptism of an 8 year old boy (the bishopric 2nd councilors son) and it went really well ;D Then we ran back to our area to meet with our Christian investigator Ginger. Ginger is really awesome, and has a strong knowledge of the bible, so meeting with her has been interesting, because we actually use the bible to teach here haha :D fun times :D Then we ran back to the church to have a lesson with Steven, on of our RC's, and President and Sister Blickenstaff helped us teach him. It went really well, and was really fun :D and then we ran home before we were late :D Wow. Quite the fun day :D 

Sunday. today we had church, and no lessons because of the Moon Festival. You know what else happens on the Moon festival here??? Cakes. Lots and lots of Moon Cakes. Moon cakes are not like normal cakes you see, only about half of them are sweet. The other half are salty. So it's always a journey when you bite into a moon cake expecting sweet pineapple, only to get salty scallop. ya. it was a moon cake festival journey yesterday *shudder*. but all yummy in the end :D 

So ya! That was this week :D it was really exciting all the lessons we had and all that we were able to do! pray for us this week, and pray for our investigators :D We are looking for even more miracles this next week!!!!!!!!! 

CTR, 義 

Elder Dawson 陶長老

                                                My Birthday cake :D 
                                              Me at Costco (I got in Trouble for taking this picture haha) 

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