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Taiwan Oct 5, 2012

Hello everyone :D

     So It has been a good week!!!! A little tiring, but good none the less :D I'm really happy to be working hard, and to be doing as much as I can here in Taiwan! Ghee :D My new companion is Elder Barr, and he is from Ohio. He loves singing, playing the drums, and doing missionary work 

     So.... It's awesome to hear from you all :D Mom, I will go glasses shopping as soon as possible haha ;) We'll see when that is :D I'm actually just thinking of switching to contacts... I miss the days when I Didn't wear anything on my face haha :D 

     This week was definitely a week full of adventure and miracles!!!!! Want to know why? Well.... I'll tell you.... right after these messages!!!!! I'm excited for conference next week :D I'm really happy here in Feng Jia.... and.... ya.... onto the week :D 

Monday: Got my new companion and said goodbye to some other friends. It's weird how fast life goes and how we're all just here experiencing it haha :D sometimes I get thinking.... We got to visit russel tonight though!! I was so happy to see him :D It's so interesting how life goes :D 

Tuesday: The last..... melon... haha :D We had a good full day of contacting haha :D The we accidentally were 5 minutes late to our district meeting.... guess what happened, president blickenstaff was there. haha. That was awkward haha. But a fun time :D Then we had a member visit with the bishopric first councelor. 

Wednesday: Thenn...... october came haha. Somebody wake that one guy up, september's over. So today was another day full of contacting and we got to talk to one of our investigators with an baptismal goal! We couldn't find a member to go with us, and so we couldn't meet with her, but we got to see her haha :D She's doing super awesome!!!! then we had a really really good English Class! :D 

Thursday: Things were going really good! and still are :D ya! We had some lessons today with people... not too many, but a good number :D one of our investigators Mike Zhang got a baptismal goal today!!!!! It was so exciting :D He's doing really well, and progressing well. 

Friday: Had a lot of lessons not show up today, but that's ok, because that means we had more time to find, so that we can teach others! Ghee :D 

Saturday: So today we had two dinners haha.... one at a place that was almost exactly like stepping into Alice and wonderland.... that was weird. But the other one was with the person that met my mom two weeks ago!!! It's crazy how small this world is haha :D But that was really cool :D 

Sunday: We had church, and a good lesson with one of our only Christian investigators. It went really well, and we talked about the bible a lot, and about the invitation from the book of mormon to read it. About the other sheep that are talked about. So it was a really good lesson :D 

So yes! That was the week :D I would send you photos but... I don't have any haha. Sorry. Well I do, I guess it's just I have no way to get them on the computer right now. My advice for the week? Take a break and spend an hour on the church website, it's really enlightening :D 

CTR, 義 

Elder Dawson 陶長老 

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