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Taiwan Oct 12, 2014 Parable of the Darkened Room

  Hello everyone! How are you doing today? That's good...

     Wow what a week!!!! Was that a good week?? I think it was :D I loved it so much haha! GHEE :D 
     So it's good to hear from everyone as always :D I've realized that a good portion of my emailing time is simply sitting here reading about all of you, and that's how I love it! I love to hear about things going on at home, and especially from all of my missionary friends and the miracles that they are having in their missions :D It's a good time :D 

     A chance to have general conference, I do have to say what quite a booster here :D I used to always fall asleep in General Conference, but I don't know why, this time watching I didn't even want to fall asleep, and was just so happy to hear and learn everything. There were some things that stuck out very prominently to me as I listened, and some that probably stuck out to you too. 

     In the saturday morning talk that Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave, he talked about changing ourselves to be able to observe and receive this light from the spirit, so that we can see other worlds. This reminded me of a analogy that someone told me that changed a big part of how I looked at life and this mission opportunity. They said our lives is like a big messy room in the dark. We walk around in it, and hit against things that hurt and make us stumble. However, a lot of the stuff in the room is ours, our own mistakes and bad habits. The holy ghost acts like a light that slowly gets brighter. As we become closer to Jesus Christ and Heavenly father, the Holy Ghost slowly and gradually Illuminates the room and lets us see the things that need cleaning. As soon as the Spirit lets us see clearly the junk that needs cleaning, it is still up to us whether or not we choose to start cleaning, to start fixing our bad habits, start making relations with others better, and to continue doing the things that will help us receive more light. As someone told me this, it made me realize exactly why this mission is such an amazing opportunity. It is allowing us to receive more and more light, so that we can see more clearly the parts about ourselves that need changing and improvement. I was truly happy when I heard this Analogy haha :D 

     With this, I have thought a lot about pride and subornness, just as was said in conference, if the Lord told us that one of us would betray him, or that somebody needed help and changing. Are we the ones that say "Well it must be him, or it must be her or her Etc." Or are we humble and accepting enough to simply ask "Lord, Is it I?" Theres a lot of excuses in life about why things go not the way we want, but sometimes, we simply need to sit back, look at the situation, what went wrong, see what can be done better, and ask in humility "Lord, is it I?" These two things were two of the biggest things I took away from conference :D 

And with that, on to the week update :D

Monday: We went shoe shopping but I didn't buy anything, and then we had a chance to contact people, and change our lives :D 

Tuesday: A beautiful day! According to my journal haha :D We had a good chance to go to our Zone training meeting, and learn more about finding with our missionary purpose in mind. Then we met with an investigator, and I decided to write down everyday's blessings in my journal. 

Wednesday: "Kick Butt Day"! According to my journal  ;) We got to meet with a sister Huang who is going to be baptized in January. She recently lost her husband, and her son is a member. After her husband left, she realized that all she desired in this life was to be with her family forever. So she started meeting with us, and loves everything we're teaching :D Except scriptures, because she tried starting from the old testament reading, so she said it was way too hard haha. We helped her with that :D Then english class! yay :D 

Thursday: Learned about the special blessings that D&C 21: 4-6 give us :D And then got to have lunch with Sister Chen that got baptized a few weeks ago! We were so happy :D Then we got to meet with some really cool and 帥 people from Malaysia. Talking with them was very interesting, because it was a full on mix between english and Chinese haha. Fun :D 

Friday: 雙十節快樂! happy 10/10 day! every single lesson we had today didn't show up haha. but that's ok, because we had a lot of time to find other people to teach :D 

Saturday: Conference!!!! I've already shared some of my insights above :D Then at night the first councelor in the bishopric invited us to BBQ with him and some of his non-member families. That was exciting :D 

Sunday: More conference!! :D and then we got to meet with a new investigator who has been searching for truth in his life, and then meet with another investigator who is having troubles believing in Joseph Smith. Both were insightful lessons that I learned a lot from :D 

So yes, that was the week! Sometimes I think I write too much, and I think to myself "What kind of person would spend their time reading something like this??" haha, sorry, love you all, and hope you enjoy the read! :D 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老  

Photos! : 

Elder Anderson and I :D 

The kid I talked about last week that looks like russel from Up :D

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