Monday, December 29, 2014

Taiwan Nov 23, 2014 New Mission Trainer, FenJa to Tainan

Hello.... So I like don't even know what happened this week haha. A lot of crazy stuff. 

     First off, mom, anything you'd like to send me would be great :D Maybe recipies for stuff I could make on sundays... but no pressure :D Thanks!!! Love you!!!! Oh and that's super cool you go to go see Elder Green!!! Where did you go to see him?? Man I love him so much haha :D 

      It's so good to hear from all of you at home, and all that's happening for you in this festive time of the year.... Hearing about the snow and the turkey from home sounds fun haha :D We had chicken here at a party two nights ago... it was kind of like turkey I suppose ;) haha. 

     I love hearing from all of you and the things you are grateful for. There are litterally so many things that I am grateful here!! For instance, I'm grateful for my companion, for the ward, the friends I've made. I'm forever grateful for the lives I've been able to impact, but even more grateful for the lives that have impacted mine. I love my mission so much. I love the chance that it gives us to be refined, changed, and put with others to learn together. I love how we get to be put with other types of personalities and learn how we truly can get along with everyone :D The lord blesses us everyday as we do his work. 

     So, my new companion is Elder Varvel, and he is from Connecticut. His visa got delayed, and so he was sent to Idaho for 2 months. But he's here now, and I'm his trainer. He's my first junior, and we're whitewash training together. I think it was supposed to be me training him at first, but honestly, I feel like he has taught me so much already, and I've done nothing except tell him how to say things in Chinese. He loves working hard, talking to everyone, and being a phenominal Elder!!!! Before his mission he played football, lacrosse, and basketball! He's such a stud haha. I love him, and excited to keep learning from him. 

So now for the week update!!! 

Monday: Craziest day ever!!!! So I was just moseying around, minding my own business, when suddenly president calls me and tells me that I'll be whitewash training in Tainan Yong Kang. Wow!!! Super exciting!!!!! Ya :D Then we went to the hospital with Elder Barr, and had some calls, and... ya :D 

Tuesday: We had a really awesome DTM about developing christlike attributes, and we had a really cool member and his testimony. Wow :D Then we spend a good portion of the day contacting, and saying goodbye to some of the members. 

Wednesday: I spend the majority of the day in Jia Yi about 2 hour car ride away from my area for a meeting. We learned a lot about how to train, and president talked to us a lot about what he expects of us, and what we should do. yay :D Then we got back, and had to ride like the wind up the big hill to our church. There was my workout of the day ;) got there just in time for English class, and had a good time teaching the students English. 

Thursday: Last day in Feng Jia. Wow. Exciting :D A little woried for the future, but excitied! We got to teach some really amazing lessons today to people, including sandy, Sister Zhang, and a new Sister Xie. We had a really awesome Experience teaching Sister Zhang about the word of wisdom and comitting her to live it in her life. She said she'd be willing to go and try, and pray while she did. We're excited ;D Then we had a chance to visit some members, and visit the stake president. The stake president, president Guan's son missed me, so we went and visited their house haha. that was really fun. 

Friday: Then everything changed.... (Dun Dun DUN!) Left this morning to the meeting where we'd meet our trainees. I saw Elder Tanner Redding and got a picture with him :D and then I got my trainee Elder Jack Varvel. He's super cool :D We rode the two hour train down to Tainan, and got to our area. We didn't stop, we just headed straight out and started contacting! Found some cool people who already said that they'd be willing to come to church! Miracles!! 

Saturday: Well... we contacted a lot of people... haha ;) that was fun :D And then we go to meet the bishop! He was called in a week ago, and so we're excited to work with him :D Then there was a thanksgiving activity. Really good chance to meet a bunch of members :D I was really happy haha :D yay! So ya ....

Sunday: We had two investigators at church!!!! That was pretty amazing seeing as it was our third day here :D Ya I was happy :D hahaha Other than that we contacted a whole lot, and found a lot of cool people :D yay :D The other Elders made dinner for us, that was so nice of them :D and then... we did a lot of language study, and a family home evening activity tonight :D yay ;D I love life!

So basically, it was just a phenominal week!!! Elder Varvel is going to be one of my favorite companions I can tell :D Super excited to be working with him :D The lord works in mysterious ways, and the work is true :D 

love you all!!!!!!

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老

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