Monday, December 29, 2014

Taiwan Oct 26, 2014

Dear world.... hi :D 

     It has gotten to the point where I feel like it's probably just my parents who read this email, so addressing it "Dear world" Seemed a little broad, but I'm sure I can still hope ;) 

    So mom and dad, taking a random trip to mexico Eh??? Sounds like a fun journey :D and you ate lobster!!!! Man..... I wish I had it that good hahahaha ;) Kidding, here we have..... chicken feet and stinky tofu... hahaha! Take that ;) haha. Love you all :D 

     So The world of Taiwan is doing Phenominal!!! I love it so much here, and we are still working hard to find, teach, and baptize the elect of god haha :D it's all going good :D I'm really happy here in FengJia 逢甲, we're really busy working our butts off, and it's tiring, but I'm so happy to be able to work my absolute hardest here in this point of my mission :D I've been thinking about it a lot.... how happy I am to be on my mission... it's good. 

     When I started on my mission I had a very good family friend talk to me about missions, and the chance we have to teach others about the greatest teacher of all time. I accepted what this friend said, but I don't think I truly recognized what he was telling me. The power of that statement also means that we are not here to show of and get the gain for ourselves, we are here to teach others about Christ, and how they can learn from the perfect and greatest teacher of all, our savior Jesus Christ. I've been thinking about that a lot recently hahaha ;) 

So.... onto a synopsis of the week!!! :D 

Monday: Well, we had an awesome day, that was actually not P-day because we're going to the temple tomorrow :D However, today, Elder Barr had to go to the hospital to see the doctor (obviously) and that was fun and took up some time... haha. You'll realized I've spent a lot of time this week at the hospital with my companion haha. Fun time s;D Then I took a quiz on Chinese..... and...... ya. :D 

Tuesday! Temple Temple Temple!!!!!!!!!!! First time doing sealings in English hahaha. and let me say, When we come across the really hard names from like russia or germany that are 7 names long, it's pretty fun to try and pronounce. However, when you have a taiwanese person doing that it's priceless. Ok, I probably shouldn't talk about this haha, but it was awesome :D then we went to the church for a lesson, rode 30 minutes out there, and then he cancelled. So we rode home, and were done with the day, no more time haha. The DongHai 東海 elders got a new missionary with them. A taiwanese elder named Elder Gong 龔長老 who was baptized this year in April!!!!! He's just a short term missionary right now, and he's so awesome! Talk about an amazing RC!! haha .

Wednesday: Had a phenominal DTM today! yay!!!!! Then we spent the day in the other elders area procelyting because we didn't have enough time to come back to our area. But we had an awesome english class!! Ghee :D 

Thursday: Read a really cool scripture about RC's in a misson :D In D&C 75:3 with Psalm 126:6. Read it ;) Then we went to the hospital again because Elder Barr's hand started swelling up from a cut he got two days ago. Fun times.... so spent the day there haha :D 

Friday: Was reading more D&C, and read about how the Church will support our families while we're on our missions :D D&C 75:24 :D Then we had an awesome lunch of Hot pot, and then met with some investigators and had one come to the gospel class at the church! We finally got her to be able to build relations with members, and learn more about the church from members :D 

Saturday: October's almost over. look at that :D This morning we were at the hospital again for a checkup on Elder Barr's hand, and that went well :D Then we had a time running around like chikens with our heads cut off too and from lessons! it was crazy, but as always, worth it ;D Ended the night up by visiting Less actives :D A good day :D 

Sunday: A day of rest for everyone... which usually means us missonaries are SUPER busy haha :D They changed the bishopric here today, changed the bishop and first councelor out, who have been serving for 7 years! Wow... so now we have a new bishopric :D Fun times..... ya..... 

So that was the week!! I love you all, and hope you all stay strong in the faith, and have a awesome week this following week :D love you all!!! 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老

                                      My companion and I and sister Peng at the temple :D
                                         Elder Palmer and I at the temple :D 

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