Monday, December 29, 2014

Taiwan Nov 9, 2014

Dear all, 

     First off, mom and dad, I'm so jealous you got to go there!!!! How was it to see the places where you got married after 30 years??? You both look so happy :D Mom has a glow about her! That's so cool :D You two are having a party I bet :D 

     So wow.... I'm blown away at the email you sent dad :D It's just so historic, so memorable, so adorable! I always knew you and mom were the most adorable couple in the world, and not its solidified in stone. You two are so cute it makes me sick sometimes ;) haha. love you too :D 

     So this week was very good!!!! Not gonna lie, life is doing pretty well here :D we're finding people, and doing the Lords work!!! Move call came, but Elder Barr and I are not moving, so that's fun :D We're really happy to still be together haha, we're going to continue striving for excelence, and being the best missionaries ever, to bring the people of FengJia 逢甲 The truth! Ghee :D 

     Ya..... other than that, I have to say, This week was super tiring. So the month of November has been declared as POWER MONTH!!!!! Which means that we have some crazy high goals........ Which means that we work even harder! It's been exciting to see How much more we truly can put into this work. This last weeks goal was tract into 7 sit down lessons.... not easy I tell you! So instead of the nice balanced finding that we usually do, We tracted. Half our area. 4 Hours a day. Man that was tiring haha, I don't know how many hundreds of houses we knocked, but it was super worth it, and we met some super cool people! Ghee :D I loved it!!!!!! This next week is to add 50 people with times to meet and learn more about the gospel. So that means all our extra time this week is poured into riding around the streets contacting people. Man it's just so exciting!!!!! Whoot! Get's you're blood pumpin ;D 

     Ok.... here we go.... the week :D 

Monday: Well it was a good P-day. Elder Barr got a good looking haircut ;) haha, bought some stuff to prepare for english class, and then we went and ate at Chillis :D It was super yummy and a little bit salty. yes. amen. Then we had a meeting with a new investigator with a lot of potential :D Miracles! 

Tuesday: We had an AMAZING ZTM today!! Wow, so inspirational! We watched a video about Christ that may or may not have made me cry. I'll let you decide on if I did or not ;) Then we went on exchanges with the DongHai 東海 elders :D That was exciting :D 

Wednesday: Studies... food... lessons, and preparing for english party, which went very well!! WE celebrated Thanksgiving! Which, might I say went very well :D Ya..... and then talked to a lot of people :d 

Thursday: Had a super good meeting with our Sister Zhang 張姐妹 and helped her overcome her inablility to come to church :D ghee :D then the tracting, and dinner with people, and tracting... ya :D 

Friday: Lunch... tracting.... calls... tracting.... lesson canceled... tracting.... Met a familiy tracting!!!!! ...... then a good Coordination meeting :D Ya! 

Saturday: A good day, we met with a very disheartened Brother Lu 盧弟兄 and helped him be happy, and then tracted, met witha  new investigator,j and then tracted. Hey mom, If you have time, could you help me look up a book. The authors name is 陳映真 and he wrote a book about missionaries a long time ago called 噢!蘇姍娜! and apparently its really touching :D If you could find it and let me know that would be awesome :D 

Sunday: Well we found out move call, and nobody was moving! Ghee :D So here we go, still pushing on! with the weather change, I may be starting to get sick, but that's ok, we had a chance to rest a bit, and then go tracting :D Haha. Then we met with an investigator, and the Member present helped us give her a blessing. Phenominal. He blessed her about her mom, and didn't even know about her moms situation! Wow... talk about the power of the spirit. Amen. 

So that was this week! Fun times, I do have to say that there was blessings in it all :D Thanks for all the support and prayers!!! I love you all, and I'll talk to you next week :D 

CTR, 義 

Elder Dawson 陶長老

Elder Barr and I eating Chilli's together 

P.P.S. this is us at the singing at zone conference

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