Monday, December 29, 2014

Taiwan Nov 2. 2014

     Wow, what a week.... I'll be honest I totally forgot it was halloween this last week haha, I spent the entire day wondering why people were dressing up as cats and vampires... and then it hit me haha. 好丟臉 ;) 

     Well mom and dad, once again it is amazing to hear from you two traveling the world and partying now that none of your kids are at home ;) hahahaha, going to ShangHai, and then to japan?? Wow... 也太幸福吧!! haha ;) I hope to see pictures of all of this.... may pictures :D haha, pretend you were me for a second, and just take a lot of pictures, heck, maybe dad could even try his hand at selfies ;) haha, KIDDING. please don't. ;) Good to hear from you all, and I will be praying for all those people, and hope that all will go well. 

     Well.... I'll just tell you straight up, I forgot my journal today, so I wont have the day by day update, but that's ok right, you'll all still love me :D So this last week went really good!!!! We had a chance to meet with a lot of investigators and give them baptismal goals :D A special one was a man named Brother Liao. He moved to america when he was a little younger, because of family dificulties, and he's just come back and wanted to start investigating the church because of the help and emphasis it has on families :D It's so awesome!!! I'm super excitied :D 

    Other than that, there was an awesome talk on unity at stake conference, about how unity in a group takes time and practice, it went something like this (this was the stake presidency 2nd councelor): "When I was a boy, I had a 6-pack. They were solid, defined, and individual. However, after having 30 years of practicing unity and love...... well....... it's hard to get them apart now." Bahahaha, it was really funny :0 

So ya!!!! I will write more next week.... next week will be a very interesting week, so wish me luck, and I love you all!!!!! Carry on Carry on Carry on!!!! 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老

We went inside that fancy merida store haha :D 

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