Thursday, June 26, 2014

Taiwan June 22, 2014

Well hello everyone! 

     Well hello mom and dad, how are you?? I'm sorry for everything that's going on at home. I'll be praying for you all, and especially be praying for your family mom. I love you all so much, and if there's anything I can do to help, PLEASE let me know! I know there's probably not a whole ton because I'm in Taiwan, but if there is anything, just let me know :D I love you! 家庭是永恆的! 

     Well this week was pretty green. I mean pretty good! Haha, my new companion is Elder Green, and his Chinese name really is 綠長老 :D It's been a very good time being with him this week haha :D 

     Last week I didn't have a lot of time to right because I had to go pick up Elder Green, and then we also went to a big Buddhist monument thing called Fo Guang Shan 佛光山 and it was really pretty!!! I'll send photos :D 

     Other than that, this last Thursday we went up to GaoXiong for our Zone Conference with president!! It was really good, and we learned a lot about mission standards, working with members, and miracles in everyday life. We left at 6 in the morning, and got home at 9:35 at night haha :D Yay living super far away from everyone ;) 

Monday: So it was a pretty long day.... traveled all day, and then when we got back, we found out that our investigator Sister Guo failed her baptismal interview. That along with other things was pretty sad, but from monday, everything started getting better :D 

Tuesday: Had a good DTM, and I basically just got to know Elder Green really well :D He's from Orem Utah, he loves musicals like me! He's tall, loves working out and....... is from a family of 9 people, 7 siblings! :D Yep, he's been on his mission over a year and a half, so this might be his last area..... ;) 

Wednesday: Made the weekly trek up to Man Zhou 滿州 and met with some people, then came back and had a really good English class! This week our investigator family came who we'd lost contact with for about 2 weeks, and so we were overjoyed to see them and talk to them!! Ghee :D 

Thursday: Zone conference, so traveling all day, and having a great meeting :D One thing we talked about was the Redeeming and Enabling power of Christ's atonement. Something to think about. 

Friday: Weekly planning, then met with some investigators, and met a super cool guy from the Czech Republic! Pretty fun :D ya....

Saturday: So today we made a really big loop visiting people, and had lunch by the beach! (Is this mission, or paradise? oh, it's just both :D) It was probably around 25 miles round trip, but it was good and worthing it :D 

Sunday: A good church time!!! and finished visiting all the active members with Elder Green, so he know's who they all are!! yay! other than that we had studies.... ya.... not a whole ton happened this week haha. 

So yes, that was the week!!!!! Super fun ;D I will send a lot of photos!!!! Remember I love you all!!!!! Have a good week, no matter what life throws at you! 

CTR, 義

Elder Dawson 陶長老

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