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Taiwan June 6, 2014

Well hello all!! 

     我先跟我媽媽談一下:)鐘姐妹真的對我們很好!他的女兒上個禮拜5開始傳教!他的老大。他有請我們吃兩三次,所以,我們真很幸福!他會請我們吃海鮮的事務,例如:魚,海蛋,河豚皮,之類的東西:D 都很好吃!

     Well this week has been super fun!!!!! To add to the heat, It has now rained for 3 days straight haha ;) sometimes harder than others, but always raining. So now it is hot, humid, and raining ;) but hey, let me just say, people give you a lot of free food when you have to ride 1 hour to a lesson in the pouring rain ;) hahaha. We wear rain jackets, but after riding for about 10 minutes, you're still soaked haha, it's just not from the rain....... (lets all ponder that for a second..... ;) 

So this week was super fun!! Had some moments of tension, and some moments of joy, moments of tears, and moments of laughter :D Just another week in the land of Taiwan on a mission haha! I'll get to the whole week update thing in just a second ;) 

So Sister Guo our investigator is doing amazing!!!!! She learns so quick, and when we teach her, she takes notes on everything that we're saying! She's planning Elder Lindsey's birthday party for him, and she already calls this church "Our Church"! It's so amazing to see how much her faith is growing! This week as we talked to her, she told us more about her past, and things that have happened. She told us the sorrow and regret for past things, and how she wished she would have made more time for this gospel, but now that she's starting to hear the gospel, she's super happy!!! It has been 13 days since we met her, and she says that these 13 days have been the happiest days of her life! She still wants to go on a mission, but we're not sure she can go on a full proselyting mission...  maybe a temple mission, but we will have to see ;) We watched the Emma Smith movie with her, and she said that she felt touched by the faith of Emma, and said that she wishes to have the faith and trust in God as Emma does. Wow. I'm completely blown away with how amazing her faith is already, and I look forward to meeting with her every week!!!!!! 

So that is the good side of this week :D Now to the other stuff, and to the.... well.... "Dueling" part haha ;) 

Monday: SUPER peaceful P-day!!!!! We had a member from Chao Zhou come and take us to the Forest park here in Kenting (the one we went to before, remember mom and dad?? haha) And it was really fun! I'll send photos :D After that we had a Family home evening with Sister Guo, and she asked us what things we're not allowed to eat or drink in the church, so we told her about the word of wisdom, and she personally invited herself to obey it. It was pretty cool haha :D

Tuesday: ZTM day!!!! A good training meeting haha! So for this meeting we have to go up to KaoHsiung, and so we left at 8 in the morning, to a 2 hour bus to PingTung, Then a 1 Train ride to KaoHsiung Feng Shan station, and then a 20 minute Taxi to the Niao Song Chapel. (I should probably just write the Chinese to those haha.....) We had a great meeting!!!!! Learned a lot, and then came home, and when we got home, it was already 8:00 at night! So... a whole day going to ZTM and back ;) Joy :D We still met with a less active, and had a good time :D 

Wednesday: We went to Man Zhou again, and it was quite a wet journey, because it was raining the whole time haha :D Then a bit of drama came in, Because our Investigator was invited by a 80 year old member to attend a party thing. I guess at the party some things happened, and they ended up yelling at each other, and being super mad at each other. So from Wednesday to Friday, we always kept getting calls from both of them about how they're mad and that the other person was wrong.... oh joy haha, but in the end it's all ok, they've said sorry more or less...... ya :) 

Thursday: It was raining still, so you know what that means??? nobody comes to lessons haha! yay...... However, we still contacted people, and did our best to meet with people ;D 

Friday: We met with a bunch of less actives, and also met with Sister Guo, and taught her the Plan of Salvation. She loved it, and said she's excited to be with those in her personal "Celestial Kingdom" as she tries her hardest :D Then she wanted to help us in our next lesson, so she came with us as we visited another less active, and she personally found out that the person we were visiting was less active, and then invited them to church by herself, and bore testimony!! We were completely blown away by how amazing it was haha!! 

Saturday: Today it really rained haha, but we still got to meet with a lot of people :D We had the ward activity and watched The Emma Smith movie, and it was all good :D 

Sunday: a very busy sunday!! After church, we went to find some friends :D Then went to a secondary area Che Cheng and found some people :D Yes, it was a really good week, and sister Guo came to church, and a less active she invited to come to church actually came!!!! 

So yes, that was our week, it was amazing and full of miracles! I'm constantly reminded of the face that if you want to get a lot out of life, you must put a lot of effort into it. I feel like I have been so blessed by the lord as I have tried putting my heart into this work. I'm so grateful to be in Heng Chun at this time serving the Lord, and pray I can keep pushing on and doing my best!!!! 

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老) 

The southern part of Taiwan at the Kenting forest national park 

A funny Lizard we found haha :D 

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