Friday, April 4, 2014

Taiwan March 16, 2014

And it Was Fire and Ice in the Land of Taiwan
 The Work here in Taiwan is so awesome!!!!!! Loving it, and just always keeping going, and working hard!!!! I've noticed when I sleep at nights now, I don't move at all. I just lay there like a rock haha. I'm so tired all the time, but I guess that's a good thing :D 

So that's so awesome about the baptism over there!!!!!! Tell her I say congratulations, and that I think it's so awesome :D Wa! Baptism is so awesome!!!!! During a baptism, the spirit is stronger than most other times in your life, and it's an amazing thing to be able to be a part of something like that :D I'll have to show you one of the Tracts we use when contacting people, it's all about baptism :D Oh and if you want you can send the medicine haha, that would be easier than having to go to a doctor here and only partially understand what they are saying haha :D 

WA!!!!!!!!!!! Next time anyone see's Andrew Robinson, can you just give him a hug for me!? Gosh I love that kid haha :D And that sounds super awesome they're all going on a mission!!!!!! Tell them I wish them luck, and I'm excited to hear where they go!!! And if they felt the need to write me a little email tell them feel free to haha ;) 

Dad.... did you find the Puffer fish??? This is very Important. Hahaha, Just kidding ;) Oh and that Sister Chen Gave me an adorable owl thing with my name on it! I'll send a picture to you :D 

So dad, sounds like you're having a party flying around the world!!!!!!!!!! And holy cow, since when were you all going to Hawaii?? That sounds so much fun!!!!!!!! Have a fun time for me, I know it'll be hard without me there, but please, try ;) hahaha, just kidding :D 

Thank you so much everyone for sending me stuff, and for sharing spiritual insights, and for sharing how your says were :D I love hearing from you all!!!! And because of that, I will share about my week so you can hear about me too haha :D 

Monday: So we ate lunch with sister Chen and her two kids :D And then I spent money. oh ya, I should probably let you know when I pull money out of my account huh? Well last week I totally pulled money out haha :D There you go haha :D So other than that we met with a slightly.... off.... less active, who had us feel his head haha. Anyways, super cool, and I'm starting to read Jesus the Christ!!!!! Gotta finish it :D 

Tuesday: Had a super spiritual meeting on helping this area become a stake :D Then had a Family home Evening with a family. yay :D 

Wednesday: Had a great English class!!!!! Score!!!!!!!!! Then I saw my old companion Elder Yeh (he's already been released as a missionary) and it was super weird!!!!! Ah!!!!!

Thursday: So I played my violin at a traditional Taiwanese Funeral, and it went super good :D The funeral was a little weird, but that's ok, I just didn't understand anything, because it was all in Taiwanese haha :D Oh and then a member here got his mission call, and he's going to Edmonton Canada, the same area as one of my MTC companions!!! So those two might be companions in the future!!!! Super cool :D 

Friday: Had some good food...... good meetings.... sang some songs.... and ya.... worked. Amen. 

Saturday: our investigators are awesome!!! yay!!! It makes me happy :D and Some lady from New Zealand walked up to us and said "I really appreciate what you two are doing here, so here, treat yourselves to something nice" then handed us a 100 kuai bill, and walked away haha. Awesome :D Then we gave a guy and his 4 girlfriends a tour of the chapel, and then went to a former Bishops house for dinner :D 

Sunday: Very good, and I was reminded of the fact that help is always there when you need it :D We are never alone, because the Lord is always willing to help us :D We also went to our farthest away secondary area called Xi Luo, rode bikes for an hour and a half, and had dinner their :D yay :D 

So ya, that was the week!!!!! I want you all to remember I love you, and I'm praying for you all over here in Taiwan, and I hope you all have an amazing week!!!!! 

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老) 

Me and Elder Gummow 

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