Friday, April 4, 2014

Taiwan March 23, 2014

Well hello everyone!!!!!
A Week of Miracles

      And hello family, having fun in Hawaii I see ;) That's so awesome!!!!!!! It 

      I'm glad to hear that the ward there is so awesome!!!!!!! I'm super excited to get all the stuff, and don't worry, I've only had like 2 steam buns since I've been in Taiwan haha ;) Hope you're all having fun!!!!!! I'm glad you got all the pictures from sister Chen :D 

      So this week in Taiwan was super fun!!!!!!!!! We got 7 new investigators, and they're all super cool and super willing to learn!!!!!! This week we tried really hard to do all that we could to hit the mission standards, and to work our hardest, and be the most obedient we could, and we have seen the Lord bless us in all that we do, and it's been so amazing!!!!!! This week truly has been a week of miracles :D 

Monday: Decided to really start learning Chinese Characters, and I know about 400 right now, so yay!!!! :D Played ping pong, got a hair cut, went caroling, and then went tracting :D 

Tuesday: Super inspirational day!!!! The whole day was in Jia Yi at a zone conference, and it was so cool!!!! We spent the whole day learning about mission standards, new rule book, morning time studies, and then to end it, President Blickenstaff teaching us about the doctrine of Christ. It was so cool!!!!! ah!!!!!!! Then we met with a family that made me realize how important social skills are.... hm.. Better get those. haha ;) 

Wednesday: This day was super hard work, and super fun!!!! A big highlight is I became an assassin of mosquitoes. So it was English Class, and for some reason, our Chapel was completely infested with Mosquitoes. Like, They were seriously everywhere!!! So me and Elder Gummow ran home and grabbed my mosquito tennis Racket killer, and I went to work! I probably killed over 200 mosquitoes that day. No joke. it took me a half an hour, but I got them haha. Super fun :D 

Thursday: We decided to change to becoming more obedient and trying harder today. It was super cool, and we learned the importance of asking inspired questions when trying to help people :D 

Friday: I went on an Exchange with our zone leaders in Jia Yi!!! I went up there for the day, and it was super cool and super fun!!!!! We Taught a lot of people, sang like everywhere we went, and then got to know the zone leaders :D Then taught a completely crazy person, but that's ok, no worries :D 

Saturday: Exchanged back to Dou Liu, and went out to our secondary area of Ci Tong, and had some fun finding people out there!! :D Then Elder gummow did a baptismal interview for a sister that the other Elders were teaching :D 

Sunday: The complete miracle day!!!! So we were 6 lessons away from hitting the mission standard for lessons, and we were kind of sad. So we prayed for miracles, and it totally happened!!!! We got six lessons just on sunday, and 4 new investigators!!!!!!! wa!!!!!! And, to top it all off, some members here gave me a suit, and 3 pairs of pants!!!! wa!!!!!! They completely love me haha :D And, I got to meet one of the Chinese people that has a video made of them in the Mormon Messages :D It was an AMAZING day!!!!! Love it :D 

So yes, that was the week, and I loved it!I hope you enjoy reading it :D I can't wait to see what happens this week, and I can't wait to hear more from all of you :D I love you all so much!!!!!!!!! And Have a fantastic week!!!!!!! 

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老) 

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