Sunday, April 6, 2014

Taiwan April 6, 2014

Hello all of you out there in the world, how are you???? That's good, I'm doing pretty good myself here ;) Thanks for asking haha :D 

       Guess what season it is????? It's CONFERENCE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!! Whoot whoot whoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!! I'm glad you all get to see it back there! We have to wait a week for it to be translated into Chinese, and then we can watch it next week :D You'll have to tell me how all the sessions go haha :D I'm so excited to listen to them!!!!!!! 

     So wait, you just got out of a Taxi and saw Elder Mangleson!?!?!? That's so crazy!!!!!! Wow, what a small world when everyone's in Taiwan haha! Sounds like you parents had a fun time in Taiwan seeing..... people..... and having fun haha :D 

     So this last week we had a new investigator named Lin Bo Zhang, and he's doing awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still reading the book of mormon, and he's only been reading 8 days, but is already almost to Alma!!!!! Super awesome, and he's still going strong haha!!!!! Love that guy ;) 

      To answer the Question, No, I am not getting Trunky haha, I love my mission far to much for that to happen haha ;) So yes, there's that :D 

     Preach my Gospel is an inspired book I tell you!!! Inspired!!!! haha :D I have a goal to read from it everyday on my mission, and it's going pretty good :D You can learn a lot from that book! Not just about the gospel, but also a lot about how to live your life. Of course those two things also do go together haha, so there you go ;) 

     So this week was pretty good!!!!!!!!! Almost cried a few times from happiness, but I refrained! I'm going good haha!!!! But ya, it was good :D here we go! 

Monday: Well saw some pretty awesome people that may or may not be related to me ;) hahaha, and then we had a Family home evening, Elder Gummow Lost his wallet, and then we found it with the 4000 dollars still in it :D awesome!!!! 

Tuesday: We had a DTM Training meeting that was hilarious!!!!!! and learned a lot :D then we met with my Recent Convert Kevin Guo, and it was super fun :D yay!!!

Wednesday: It was raining so hard!!!!!!!! And yet, we still went out and did missionary work, and it was fun :D However, we got kind of wet haha....... oh well!!!!!! then we had English class, and next week is our english class party!!!! yay!!!!!!

Thursday: Tiredness was setting in, because the mosquito's wont let me sleep!!!!! they're all just big meanies. haha ;) oh well, the running total is at 23 mosquito bites right now haha, so yay. mazeltov. Then we met a totally golden guy that has spent 2 years looking for the right church, and he came to ours and said he loves the atmosphere and the message we bring!!! Ah!!!!! Miracles are everywhere!!!! 

Friday: Planned a lot.... ya..... then had a dinner at a Ma Jia Ting's house, and had some meetings....... met with people.... ya.... 

Saturday: We had a super cool day going grave sweeping!!!!! It's a festival here in Taiwan, where they all go and sweep the graves. So, interestingly, the graves are all just public graves, and they bury the people there, and once the body is decayed, they dig up the bones, and put them inside of a jar, and then put the jar inside of this giant building! We went there, and it's crazy how many boxes there are with dead people in them!! Weird... but cool..... ya :D Then got lost in a secondary area and went home :D 

Sunday: So Church (yay) and then we went out to a secondary area called Xi Luo. We went to the middle of nowhere finding a less active, and then the person riding with us, his tire popped haha. and we were literally in the middle of nowhere haha. yay. It all went good though, but in all, me and Elder Gummow were riding our bikes super fast for about 3 hours all at once to get there, get lost, and get on the right road, eat dinner and get home. yay for exercise haha ;) 

So yes, it was a pretty good week!!!!!!! Hope you like the photos!!!

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老) 

Our Zone Leader

Elder Forbes and Companion

Sister Mangelson and Companion

Grave Sweeping and Cleanup Service Project

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