Friday, April 4, 2014

Taiwan March 30, 2014

Hello all,
What an Odd Week !!

     So this has been a really cool week, and actually kind of weird...... hm...... My trainer who went home a month or so ago came back and saw me. He was wearing normal clothes, and it was super weird haha!!!!! Ya.... and then some things will be happening today that will be.... different..... hahahahaha ya. 

     So mother and father, it's good to hear that you're in Taiwan right now hahaha, what a crazy happenstance bwahahahahaha!!!!!! I'm glad you had a good time at church :D and this should be fun.... hm..... life's good, and I'm super excited for today haha :D 

     So, other than that, this week was super cool, and super good!!!!!!! I got to perform my violin yesterday, while we sang a song called "come unto Christ" And then we had a fireside sending off a soon to be missionary here :D He's going to Canada Edmonton haha, so yay!!! Super excited for him :D 

     Other than that, we have a super cool investigator!!!!!!!! His name is Lin Bo Zhang, and he's super cool!!! He's a college student, who said he'd come to church with us, and when he came he loved it! We taught him the first lesson about Joseph Smith, and then we taught about prayer and the Book of Mormon. The next time we met with him, he said he prayed, and had a overwhelming feeling that he had to read the entire Book of Mormon, and then decide for himself. It was super awesome!!!!!!!!! Wa!!!!!!!! So he came to a movie night activity we had, and then he read the Book of Mormon like the whole time!!!! Super cool :D 

     This last week was just as busy as I think it could get...... I love being busy!!!! yay!!!!! So... I totally forgot my Journal, so I can't say day by day.... but that's ok, I'll have to do it next week haha! :D Ya...... So..... this week's email is kind of short. sorry!!! But I'll be better next week haha, just know, that all is going well here in the world of Taiwan!!!!!!! Love it :D Stay cool, and I love you all!!!!!

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老) 

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