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Taiwan April 27,2014 a Week of Tanning

Hello everyone!!!!!
     Ok, I think that title might have been a little misleading, but let it be known, even if you wear sunscreen, if you are in Heng Chun, you will get very tan, very fast. haha ;)

      So family, it looks like you all had a super fun time up there in Taipei, just having a grand old time!!!! haha :D Thanks for sending all the pictures!!!!!!! As for me, I am doing amazing here in Heng Chun, it's such a cool place!!!!!!! of course..... take out the fact that we have 1 investigator, and it's pretty good hahahahahaha :D 

媽媽,我跟你說,我黑掉了!!!ohno!!哈哈,恆春真的超級熱!並且,大部分的人都說,還沒到夏天!!完蛋了!So ya, I've basically just become very tan in a short amount of time here, because it's really hot, and we're out in the sun all day haha, because we have nobody to teach, so we ride out bikes around all day :D It's super good thought, and we're having a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!! 

     I got the package, thanks for sending it :D I've been eating a lot of dumplings and fried rice in Heng Chun.... oh and a lot of Seafood!! There's a member who owns a super nice seafood restaurant, and she let us eat there, and it was yummy :D I had some normal stuff, like chicken and Spring wraps, but then we also had some other not so normal stuff that was also good! such as Squid stuffed with carrots and cucumber, and Puffer fish Skin :D It was yummy haha, so I'm happy eating here :D I make myself a Papaya smoothie like everyday, and mango season is coming soon!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I'm pretty excited :D 

So sounds like a pretty legit conference at home about hastening the work! I do have to say, I agree with that haha :D It's super nice to be able to teach the gospel with an investigator, when their best friend is beside them testifying of what we say to be true, and adding their own testimony alongside it. Those lessons are some of the only lessons we get here in Heng Chun, because everybody on the street that we talk to is just a tourist, and most of the time they're from China or Malaysia haha. So I completely love hearing about all that!!! :D 

Ok, so my companion right now is Elder Lindsey, and may I just say, He's amazing!!!!!!! we get along super well, and We have fun while doing missionary work!!! The good part about it, is we're both willing to do hard and get as much done as possible. We started off by making sure that both of us are completely dedicated to the work and wanting to move forward, and it's just taken off!!! We're working as hard as I think we can be, and even though we're not seeing a lot of success, I can feel the blessings of the lord that has been given to both of us. Ah, Elder Lindsey is so awesome haha!!!!!! Ghee :D 

Ok, so I just felt like writing a lot this week, yay!!!! (hey is this email still being put on my blog? just wondering haha) ok here we go!!!: 

Monday: So It was the first day In my life I've ever clipped my fingernails. I was pretty proud of myself haha :D yay!!! Anyways, it was P-Day, and we basically just spent 4 hours cleaning the apartment, because all the elders before us are super messy!!!! so it was dirty haha. yep! 

Tuesday: We had an awesome district meeting!!! Consisting of Me and my lovely companion, and then he did some Facebook Missionary work!! Probably next move call I'll be a face book missionary.... not sure, but we'll see haha :D Then we helped a sister peel garlic for a service activity (my fingers still smell like it haha) Then ate at the seafood restaurant, then went home :D 

Wednesday: So today we went to a place called Man Zhou (滿州) and it was tiring haha. We go there every Wednesday, and to get there, we have to climb a mountain. and it's painful. but that's ok, it's all worth it haha :D They have Yummy Man Tou there (like... this sweet bread stuff) and then we met a member from Singapore that's here for military, and then had English class!!!! ya, it was fun :D 

Thursday: We went out to a secondary area called Che Cheng  (車城) and at ice with a less active, and then came home :D Met with some less actives... at ice cream with a less active...... ya...... all less active work :D 

Friday: I went hardcore on learning characters, and working hard to get them down haha! Then we had a good Weekly planning session, Then met with (You'll never guess) some less actives haha :D 

Saturday: Most. Tired. Day. Ever. So in the morning we went all the way to the bottom of the island (about an hour away, maybe a bit more...... ) to KenDing to find some less actives! it was one of the hottest days, and so it was fairly tiring haha, but thats ok :D However, then we got back to Heng Chun, and Went to Che Cheng, a half an hour the other direction, and it was pouring rain during that trip, and it was exhausting. Amen. haha 

Sunday: Went to church, and then went to part of a secondary area called Bai Sha, and then met with some less actives there :D Then we had a super fun Family Home evening making cards!! I'll send a picture :D It was fun haha!!! 

So ya, that was the week!!!!!!! I just want to say really quick something cool that I've learned here in Heng Chun So far. Sometimes, when we do the things the lord expects of us, we expect to be blessed in a certain way. For example, I'm here doing missionary work for the lord, and I hope that he will bless me with people to teach and baptize. However, one of the biggest things I feel I have learned, is that if you do what the Lord asks of you, he will bless you, but not always how you want to be blessed. I am super grateful for this time I have to be here, because it has helped me see tender mercies that the lord gives me from day to day life, the things that are taken for granted, things we may no longer realize as blessings. I'm grateful I have this time to be here and notice the little things, and work my hardest, and have an open mind to see how the Lord has, and will continue blessing me. I love being a missionary, and I love working hard and doing all I can!!! Huzzah!!!! 


Elder Dawson   陶長老

A members restaurant here :D

Different City Gates in Henchung  Taiwan

Beautiful Country

Our Arms Tanned

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