Monday, May 26, 2014

Taiwan May 5, 2014

Well hello world, how are you today? 

     One of these days I'll stop asking painfully stupid rhetorical questions to things that don't answer, but until then hello everyone!!! How are you!?!?!?! Life in Taiwan here is crazy!!!!!! Super fun haha :D however, there is something that must be brought up...... 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would sing to you, but I can't in an email. So the attachment is me and my companion singing happy birthday to you in English, Chinese, and Taiwanese :D love you tons!!!!! We ate cake for you here, and I hope you had an amazing birthday :D Sounds like you did! haha :D 

Hastening the work Eh???? Hmmm..... Well I have no idea how to do that in Utah haha.... soo.......... good luck!!!! I'll be praying for you :D 

So the Manglesons are coming to Taiwan!! Fun!!!!!!!! umm...... well Kending is definitely in our area, but I'll have to see if I can see them or not haha, I have no idea ;) It's all up to fate!!!...... and up to President Blickenstaff haha, so I'll call him and see :D Probably best just to leave it at the mission home.... but I can see haha :D 

So About skyping!!! I will be skyping home on Monday morning here at 9:00 So... Sunday night for you all at.... whatever time it will be there for you haha :D yay!!!!!!!! I will only have about 45 minutes at most to skype you all, so we will make the most of it!!!!!!! I'm super excited :D oh and with that, dad I'm wondering if maybe you can buy a microphone for the computer or something, because last time was incredibly hard to hear you all haha :D 

Hm.... wearing a hat..... I don't think they'll let me do that haha ;) sorry!!!!!! But I'll see what I can do about other things haha :D Oh, and tell colton, Andrew and Andrew that i say good luck!!!!!!! Gosh, I love them all so much haha :D 

So how am I doing???? I'm doing great!!!!!! To get to almost all lessons, we ride our bikes over mountains, or by the ocean, or over an hour away haha! Wow..... ya..... it's really tiring, but super worth it! I love it here :D It's just really hot..... but that is ok, because there are definitely worse things that could happen in life ;) 

So this week: 

Monday: Well for PDay, we cleaned again, and had our interviews with president over skype because we're really far away, and then met with some less actives :D There's a lot of less active work here, and it's been pretty hardcore working with them to come back :D 

Tuesday: Had a great 2 man DTM (District Training Meeting) then Contacted a lot 

Wednesday: We went up a mountain and back to the land of Man Zhou 滿州 where we met with some investigators that make Man Tou, a type of bread :D Then had english class! 

Thursday: I realized the importance more of vamping up Personal Study. I feel as if personal study is really the basis of all we do, I mean, as PMG says, we can't convert people over our own level of conversion. I feel like I've said this before, but I keep feeling like I realize more and more what It means haha 

Friday: Made cards for the English party we'll be having consisting of Making pizza and dying T-Shirts, and then me and Elder Lindsey taught people the gospel of Jesus Christ! Especially this one less active sister haha 

Saturday: It was a beautiful day!!! We planned an activity for next week to watch 17 Miracles, and then we met with our investigator family Liang family 梁家庭, and they fed us dinner, and we taught them about the Plan of Salvation. 

Sunday: It was starwars day. May the fourth be with you all. Anyways, we met with some people in Bai Sha 白砂 and Da Guang 大光, one of which was a philipeno lady who's English and Chinese are not very good. We gave her the pamphlet in Tagalog, and she read it, and said she believed in Joseph smith's story, because god called him to do something that only he could do, and there needed to be a restoration to separate from the old. It was really cool, and now she's one of the strongest investigators we have! It is proof that language barriers don't matter as long as the spirit can manifest the truth of what we're sharing. 

So in all, it was a very good week. I am blown away by how much I keep learning here on my mission! It is weird to think of how long I have been gone, but I am super excited to keep pushing forward, becoming better, and helping people as much as I can! It has been an amazing journey thus far to see how much you can help and change people with simple acts of love. Ghee :D Love you all!!! Family, see you in a week ;) 

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老) 

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