Monday, May 26, 2014

Taiwan May 11.2014

Well hello!!!!

     Well hello!!!!!! I'm super glad I got to see my family this morning for mothers day!!!!!!!! You all look so good and so happy!!!!! I was really happy to see you all :D Thanks!!!! It was good to hear everyone's voices, and how their lives are going, and to catch up for a second there :D 

     and then..... missionary work continues haha!!! Onward and upward! This last week was simply fantastic!!!...... plus the fact that it is SUPER hot here. no joke, I sometimes think that I'm going to burn up into nothing haha. that just started this week.... that whole... humidity thing.... haha. joys ;) 

     Other than that, life here on the Island of Taiwan is going fantastic, especially because we actually found two people that are willing to meet with us!!!!! One is named Jack, and the other is a brother Yang. They are both super awesome, and super willing to meet with us!!!!! They both said they are super excited to read the book of Mormon, and to be able to make that decision for them self. It's super exciting that we found them, and that we're able to teach them this week :D I'm excited to continue on and teach them!!!! 

      This week me and Elder Lindsey also went up to Gao Xiong for a Zone Training meeting. In this meeting we talked about faith, and how action and belief equal faith. At the beginning, they sent two missionaries outside to find someone prepared to hear the gospel, and told them if they had enough faith, they would find someone. They went out, and found 3 people willing to hear the gospel!!! amazing!!! It was super good, and I learned quite a bit from our zone leaders here :D Then one of the zone leaders came down here on exchanges with me :D Because it takes so long to exchange, he came down with me Tuesday afternoon, and we arrived Tuesday night. then we had all day Wednesday together, and then Thursday morning we switched back, and Thursday afternoon got back to heng Chun :D It was definitely fun, and a learning experience :D 

     Next week we plan to perform in sacrament meeting, and also have our English class :D it's going to be a good time, and we are going to keep working our hardest!!! we are going to start focusing a lot on Tracting to find people to teach, because we feel the thing this area needs most is a family to strengthen it :D We're super excited to keep going for it!!!! 

     I forgot my journal..... so no day by day update, but that's ok :D I simply hope on this day for mothers, we can remember the "missionary army" that is our there, and how we, as the Stripling warriors, have learned from our moms, and therefore trust in god, and are not afraid. I love you tons mom!!!!!!!!! 

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老) 

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