Sunday, April 27, 2014

Taiwan April 13 2014

Hello all!!!!!

       So crazy things are happening in the world of Taiwan!!!!!!!!!! So yes, I'll just say it straight up, I'm totally being transferred to a new area today!!!! I have been in Dou Liu for 6 months, and now I'm moving to...... wait for it...... I will be moving to Hung Chun Today!!!!!!!! So for all of you who may need a brushing up on the geography of Taiwan, let me give a review. So. Here in Dou Liu, I'm at about the middle of the Island, and I will be going to Hung Chun, which is the most southern part of Taiwan!!!!! It's crazy!!!! I'm going to a place that there's not even trains that go there haha!!!!! It's right by Ken Ding, Which is a super big party place in taiwan haha, because the beaches are beautiful :D 

      So...... pull up a photo of Taiwan. look at it. And see the little bottom of the jelly bean shaped Island? That's my area. the largest area in the Entire mission haha, and I'm going crazy!!!!! My district will only have 2 people in it, me and my companion. the closest missionaries to us are a 3 hour bus ride away, and it's so cool!!! So today I will take a two hour train down to Ping Dong, and then meet my new companion, the from there travel three hours on a bus to my area :D Super exciting!!!

     However, with all the excitement that's happening, I have to say how amazingly grateful I am for this time I have spent in Dou Liu. It's hard to admit, but I'll say it, this morning I just started balling because I'm leaving this area. I have grown an absolute love for the people here, and their love towards missionaries. I have been moved when teaching investigators, I have had success here, I've cried here, fought here, and all of it has been absolutely amazing! I can honestly say with all my heart, that I will miss Dou Liu, with all my heart. I'm moving to Hung Chun, but a little part of my heart will always be left in this amazing city, with the hearts of all those I've become close to. Saying goodbye to everyone here was honestly one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I keep praying and praying that the Lord will bless this area, and bless me as I move on to a new part of my life. I'm super scared, but super excited. 

     Anyways, So....... I do have to say, I did a pray a while ago that the Lord would help me lose weight.... know what he did?? He sent me to the hottest area on the mission. People still wear jackets down there during the summer, because if they don't, the sun will literally burn your skin to blackness. Everyone says I will become black down there, and that I'll go crazy haha, but I'm super happy. So let it be known, be careful what you pray for, because sometimes if you want to lose weight, the Lord will send you to the hottest place in the mission, in the middle of summer, with bike rides to places over 3 hours away. Mazeltov ;) yay! Exciting, but scary, I'll be like Anemic when I get home haha... ha.... anyway ;) 

     So everything I have is packed up.... sorry!!!! So I don't have the day by day update, but please, pray for me as I go to the fires of Hung Chun, that I will be able to.... um... live ;) love you all!!!!!!

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老) 

P.S. oh ya, my new companion is Elder Lindsey, and I'll let you know more about him next week :D you know.... when I've actually met him haha :D 

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