Monday, March 10, 2014

Taiwan Feb 23, 2014

Well howdy there!!!! 

     Dapper. That's how I'm feeling this week haha! Dapper :D yep!!! It's been a fun week with my Taiwanese companion Elder Yeh!!!!! We've been going around like crazy finding people, and helping less actives come back!! 

So last week sorry the letter was kind of short (and this weeks will be kind of short too...), what happens is Elder Yeh's family, parents, and friends don't email, and so he doesn't use email at all haha. So we come here for an hour for last week and this week haha. However, next week he will be returning home!! (My second companion, and second one sent home haha) so next week I'll have more time to email more!! promise!!!! however, last week we hiked a mountain called Hua Shan :D and it was totally a keeper!!! and Chinese and Taiwanese?? haha.... Chinese is going really good!!!! It's just down to learning vocab now to understand what people are saying and how I can say things haha :D And because I'm with Elder Yeh, my Taiwanese is going pretty good!!! Of course he teaches me some weird taiwanese... which is super fun haha :D So ya, it's all going good!!! I can't wait to talk to you in Chinese mom!!!! yay!!!!!!!! You're coming to to Taiwan march!! Super fun!!!! Yay!!! I'll be praying for you all, and for amah and Agong :D 

     Relaxing weeks.... right..... wouldn't that be nice haha.... anyways, onto life!!!!! Wait... the Olympics are going on right now!?!?! What am I living in a small Taiwanese village in the middle of nowhere!?!?! (oh wait...) how's it going???? I'l be praying for you and all your brothers and sisters dad!! I'm sorry, I love you a ton and me and Elder Yeh are praying for you all. 

     So yes... last week I had a baptism!!!!! ah!!!!! His name is Kevin Cool (Guo Kai Wen) and he's super awesome!!!!! I'm so grateful I didn't get transferred so that I can help him and continue to be here to support him! His story really is amazing, and I would love to tell you all right now!!! However... I have 5 minutes left on the computer... awkward.... I promise I'll send more next week when I have more!!! Promise!!!! Sorry these last two weeks I've been super bad at writing!!! Ah!!!!! We sang in Church last week. Sang The EFY Medly. Mazeltov. 

     Thank you dad for sending me that!!! Recently I have realized that 1/4 of my mission is gone, and I feel like it's gone to quick!!! I've been looking for more spiritual things to get me going again, so thank you so much for sharing!!! 

I love you all so much!!!!! I'll write more next week, Love you all, and I hope you all have an amazing week this week!!! Pray for us here in Dou Liu as we try to do some things that may seem impossible haha! 

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老) 

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