Monday, March 10, 2014

Taiwan March 09, 2014

Well hello all!!!!!! Family... friends.... and any random Puffer Fish that might be reading this (Just found out how to say puffer fish in Chinese haha ;) 

     Well another week has gone by, and it was super good!!!!!! My new companion Elder Gummow is amazing, and he's super legit!!!!!!!!! AH!!!! Can't get over it haha. If you're wondering how to pronounce his name in Chinese, Just say "sick" or Gan Mao in Taiwanese, and it sounds just like it haha ;) so everyone here calls him Elder Sick bwahahaha!!!! ;) 

     So, it sounds like you're all doing good at home!!!! And yes I lost weight haha, still going!!! I've lost weight, but my Acne is so bad, it's like off the charts haha (and I've even cut out eating oily things!!!!) However.... on to my companion. 

    Elder Gummow. 5 Feet 8 Inches Tall, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Single (Ladies.....), and he has the most awkward laugh I have ever heard. He's super awesome though!!!! It's honestly super cool being with him right now :D He's been out for a Year and 4 months, and is from Highland Utah. Cool story!!!!! He totally knows the Summerfield's!!!! So Next time you see them you can tell them that I'm companions with him!!!! Me and him are working hard, and we're going to go crazy and be awesome!!! 

     So I will pray a lot for you and Sister Heinz this week!!!! I'll be praying all things work out, and that it will go through! I'm super excited for Tanner to be coming out to this mission!!! He's gonna love it so much haha!!!!! 

     The life of my father..... flying to vegas, partying with caren, st. George with a day off??? Going to Boston, Montana, sleepover with the grandkids, and then church!!! Wow!!!!!! Sounds like a packed week and super fun!!!!!!! And I will also be praying for Agong's health, no worries, and If you don't make it to Taiwan, that's ok, whatever happens, really :D Tell bryan I say good luck!!!!! :D 

     So the Weather in Taiwan Dou Liu is pretty good!!!! It's pretty cold this week, but it should be warming up :D hahaha, and mom, whenever you feel like you want to send a package, feel free ;) haha :D Thanks so much!!!!!!!! So I haven't been able to play my violin a lot, but it's doing ok :D I'm playing this Friday at a funeral, so I have to get my lamenting violin playing going on. Wish me good luck!!!! 

     So fun things, I see Whitney at least once every month!!! And actually, I'll see her tomorrow!!! yay!!! And I will pray for those people :D and if you need a online hug, feel free!!!! I can give it to you :D Thanks so much for all you do mom :D 

So.... onto the week!!! :D 

Monday: Got to meet Elder Gummow, and visited a ton of the leaders with him!!!!! We set a lot of goals, and are going to work like crazy to get there!!!! \

Tuesday: Super sore, and we contacted on the street for like 3 hours straight, and then one of our Investigators got in a Car Crash!! ah!!!!! So ya, pray for him :D Jerry Wang 

Wednesday: Like nobody wants to meet with us!! ah!!!!! haha, but that's ok, because english class went... ok.... ya... it was a trying day, but still good :D 

Thursday: We Taught a 80 year old grandpa about the restoration, and it was super awesome!!!! He's super humble, and we're like totally teaching him now haha!! Super legit :D Set a solid baptismal goal with another investigator, and then Set up lessons for next week 

Friday: I realized, the secret to eating less to lose weight is to eat slowly!!!! So yes, that's my goal :D Oh ya, random fact of the day, I stopped biting my nails about a month ago, and so for the first time in my life I have white at the tips of my nails, and its so awesome!! Peeling stickers off of stuff is so easy now!!!!! Who knew!? haha :D Oh, except for my right hand's thumb. still bite that one. Not... sure... why.... anyways, so ya, there's that random info haha!!!! 

Saturday: Went up to Jia Yi to meet with president :D It was way cool, and I got to see Whitney!!!!!  then we came home, and had a peanut butter hamburger that tasted just like american hamburgers!!!! it was awesome!!! oh yes, and we met with a ton of cool people... wow.... I'm so awkward... 

Sunday: Cool sunday, but you realize, that as a missionary, everyone just tells you their problems haha. and then you realize, you only understand about 3/4 of what they're saying, and so helping them becomes awkwardly hard haha. yep. that's what I learned, and then I learned the principle of the half. being a half Asian, Half the people thing that I speak Taiwanese, and think I'm Taiwanese, and the other half don't. Awkward. It is the principle of the half haha, remember, half is better than none ;) 

So ya!!!! That was my week haha!! I'm off to email some more people, and send you all photos!!! Thank's for being awesome, and I'll talk to you all more next week!!! 

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老) 

The Chapel Here 

 Expensive Dinner

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