Monday, March 10, 2014

Taiwan March 2 2014

Ok, Just going to say, these past two weeks have been absolutely
crazy!!!!!!! We've been going around crazy preparing for a fireside,
finding new people, Teaching lessons, eating food on the go, having another
Baptism, and just going crazy!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!!

    However, I'll calm down a bit and talk about this week :D So my new
companion is Elder Gummow, and I've heard he's awesome!!!!! I'm super
excited to meet him!!! (I see him in about 2 hours ;) So right now I'm
emailing with Elder Quartes!! Yay!!!!! Haha :D Life is fun, and it's going
to be a good move call I hope :D

    So thank you dad for being an amazing example to me, and I've been
praying for you a lot this last week! I hope that you will continue to be
amazing, and that you can feel the love your son has for you out here in
Taiwan!!!! I love you so much!!!!!!!!!

    So tell Sister Heinz that I say congratulations!!!!!!! That's so
amazing, and I can't wait to see the pictures from it!!!! Time flies so
quickly. No joke. I've been here in Dou Liu 4 months. Ah!!!! Where did the
time god!!!!?????? WWWWAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! However, I will be praying for all,
and here's to maybe seeing you in a month or two haha (Random fact of the
day, I was taught how to write Elvish today!!!)

    Tell Tanner that I say good job!!!!!! He is going to love Taiwan so
much, and I can't wait to see him later on this year!!! He's going to be
such an amazing missionary here haha :D His personality will be just
perfect ;)

    So... This generation... the one I'm in.... well.... let's just not
get me started talking about it haha ;) oh and speaking of
generations...... Mother and Father, resources tell me that my blog hasn't
been updated recently... hm.... love you two!!!! Ghee!!!! :D

    I'll be make sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables mom :D That is
assuming my companions don't all go home after they're with me!!!
Everyone's like "Oh they're going home, quick, lets treat them to all you
can eat steak!" Blech. 1st time, ok. now? NOT OK. however, my next
companion wont be going home after me, so I'll be good ;) Hey mom, your
phone could probably write back to sister Chen in Chinese :D Ask Dad or
Bryan to help you haha :D

    So..... Life in Taiwan.... the work.... in Taiwan..... It's going
good!!!!!! We have 3 really solid investigators, and a couple of other good
ones :D Plus, two days ago we had a baptism!!!!!!! wa!!!!!! So Elder yeh
when he was with Elder Turner were teaching a man named Peter. (His real
name is Lin Jun Xiang) and he was not sure about being baptized. However,
Last week he met with us, and Elder Yeh was teaching him about baptism
again, and something happened, and Peter told us a story that goes like
this. He had contacted a ton of missionaries, but never went with any of
them, until he said he heard a voice tell him to talk to Elder Yeh. He
talked to him, and they started meeting, and when Elder  Yeh asked him to
be baptized, he thought to himself, "That's the day I'm meeting with some
friends that are coming up from Australia. If God really wants me to be
baptized, then Those friends will cancel." And last week, those friends
cancelled, and he was baptized. Awesome. It was amazing, and he has such a
strong testimony already, and is going to work wonders wherever he goes!!!!

So here we go, the week!!!!

Monday: P-day!!!!!!!!!!! We went up to Jia Yi and ate  lunch with the Zone
Leaders :D Then we went home and slept (That's like the mission Montra, I
always want to sleep I'm so tired haha!!!) And ya, super fun :D

Tuesday: Miracle day!!!!!!! This was the day Peter told us he wanted to be
baptized!!! wa!!!!! Ate lunch with a lot of members, had a fun time....
um.... ya....

Wednesday: English Party!!!!! you probably got some photos from English
Party haha :D It was super fun :D We had a carnival!!!!!!! We did bobbing
for apples, donuts on a sting, photo booth, body painting, ping pong,
fishing for ducks, and stick pull!!!! It was crazy, super fun, and I'm
never putting that much effort into an English party again haha ;)

Thursday: Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy haha. We started preparing a power point
for a Fireside the missionaries were hosting on Saturday!! (ever tried
using power point in Chinese when you cant read it??? ya... pictures are
really important... haha ;) Had a really good DTM about the BOM, and then
gave a baptismal invite to a Brother Ge!!!!! it was quite the day!!

Friday: More prep for the fireside, and then another weekly planning
session!!!!! Ate with more investigators, members, and I did my final
language assessment :D Ya, it was a keeper :D

Saturday: Had the Baptism!!! and then the really cool Fireside!!!!!! Called
Ju Ji wo de yang :D Or us... Gather my sheep :D or Lambs..... um....
anyways, I cried!!!! Again..... and just had an amazing time :D

Sunday: So. Many. Photos. My curse for being with companions that all want
to go home haha!!! However, we went to a Li family at night, ate dinner and
shared our testimonies and taught. We then sang a song to them, and
something about the song Changed the dads heart, and he started crying and
said he knew he needed to come back to church and help, and that he would
now do it. It was amazing, and by the end, guess what??? we were all crying
in his living room haha. Mazeltov. I'll send a picture of that one ;)

So yes!!!!! It was a pretty amazing week.... i think I say amazing too
much.... I don't know... it probably comes from the fact that I speak in a
limited Chinese Vocabulary every day haha, That'll get ya ;) So I love you
all!!!! And enjoy the Photos!!!!!!

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老)

The Elders on the Mountain

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