Monday, March 3, 2014

Taiwan Feb 03, 2014

Well hello, 
     To start, I will quote my mom and say to you all "I hope you will run fast as horse and find many investigators as possible." bahahaha, remember, every member a missionary ;) bwahahaha!!!!! So mom and dad, that Sister Chen from Taiwan is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Shen literally is just like my Mom her in Taiwan haha!!! She'll always call us and tell us "it's cold outside, make sure you put on a coat" and always like "be careful on the road" haha, She's so awesome!!! The family I was talking about that we helped bring their two sons back to the church, it's her and her two sons!!!! She's so awesome haha :D 

     So it's so awesome to hear from all of you!!!! Especially you mom!!!!! It's crazy how fast the world goes and times change!!!!! love is super important, and people are going on missions!! Ah!! Crazy!!!!!! I'd love to try some of that yummy thai curry that could feed the whole army ;) mom I love you so much!!!!!!!!!! 

     Mom, I will be praying for Miriam as much as I can over here, and I will be praying for you also!! I know that's not easy, but I will be praying, and showing my love from over here!!! Could I get her address??? then I can write her :D I'm super sorry, but Just like we talked about, with Charity, or the pure love of Christ, we can heal hurts that would in no other way be able to be healed. Let her know how much I love her!!!!! 

    So.... Chinese new year... the moment you've all been waiting for!!!!! Well I was doing so good, lost some weight, was being happy and all that jazz, and then BAM!!! Chinese new year. Lots of food. So here it's like bad manners if you leave left over food, so basically every house we go to, we eat far too much!!! I've gained weight back!! ah!!! Oh ya, and Chinese new year isn't like a 1 day thing, oh no, 6 days this year!! Every meal at a members house, eating things like Radish Cakes, Chinese sausages, cabbage, pickles, rice, soup, odd eggs, rice balls, onion casserole, and a bunch of other things that I only know how to say in Chinese haha!!! It was super delicious, however, I am getting fat again, and that is not acceptable. haha. So, after Chinese new year, that is when my diet starts!!! yay!!!! so yes, I'm super happy and excited to have a time where I won't be eating a crazy amount haha :D 

     So, I'm sick right now. Like I don't feel very good, so because of that, I can't write for a long time, however, I love you all so much!!! And I want you to know about how my week was and everything, however, I'm about to pass out, so.... I'm gonna go.... nobody freak out though, I will live!!! I just want to go.... ya..... love ya tons!!! And my SD card still has a virus on it, so I still cant send photos, however, next week I will find a way to send photos, because I found a spider the size of my hand, and I want you all to see haha!!!! yep.... ya.... next week then!!! See you all!!! love ya!!! :D 

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老) 

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