Monday, March 10, 2014

Taiwan Feb 9, 2014

Well hello again, and hello all!!!!!!!! :D

    Ah..... another week gone by in the magical land of Taiwan..... an it
was fun!!! Yay!!! I'm just glad I'm typing this to you all and not speaking
it haha, because I am losing my voice!! However, I am better from that
weird sickness/bug thing I had :D Yesterday I just talked really long to an
investigator about feeling the Holy Ghost. like really long haha, and now
today I'm having troubles talking ;) joy haha!!!!

    So..... not to keep you all in suspense or anything, but I'm pretty
sure I can use my SD Card this week!!! But I won't know until the end of
this email when I try to attach photos, sorry to keep you all in suspense
like that ;) bwahahaha!!!!!! I'm so evil!! Tee hee!!!

    Sounds like you had a party in San Jose!!!! And Let that Sister Tia
Heinz know that I'm praying for her here and that I know she's making the
right decision!!!! Yay!!!!!! And father, as for emailing president. I will
leave that one up to you haha :D If we did that instead of Skyping he might
do it... I don't know at all haha. It does say in the white handbook I'm
not allowed to see family, however, if you let him know that you're coming
to Taiwan to drop off grandparents, then that's ok :D I don't know, just
ask and see what he says!! So that it wont distract me from the work,
because I'd much rather be out here in Taiwan working than at home doing
school and stuff haha ;) Yay!! good luck, may the force be with you!!!! :D

So.... on to the week!!!! (I remembered my journal :D)

Monday: Went to Xin Ying and ate food!!! yay!!!!! yep.... yaa.....

Tuesday: Met with some awesome people, prayed, yay!!! I didn't really
write a lot haha..... however, we did have a ZTM meeting that was off the
charts!!!! It was the last day of Chinese New year, so we still had two
meals with members, and ate too much!! So I kind of waddled into ZTM
bahahaha ;) I'm just kidding! ah!! yep..... ya.....

Wednesday: I realized what an awkward person I am haha, that was about
today :D However, we did go to Jia Yi and meet with president
Blickenstaff!!! That man is inspired, and he let me know about a new way to
look at Ether 12:27, and it completely blew my mind!!! We have to come unto
Christ in a humble manner and all these things. it was awesome. promise.
And then we found out some more about the... situation I'm in right now
haha! So Every move call is 6 weeks long, and at the end of the 6 weeks,
some missionaries will move Etc. However, Elder Long goes home 4 weeks into
the Move call, which means that I have 2 weeks with not companion haha. So
there's a lot of talk about what will happen to me, but the truth is, I'll
just find out next week when I email you all!!!! Because Elder Long leaves
next week!!! :( oh no!!!! :( That's ok though, change is good :D

Thursday: We had a little scare with our investigator getting baptized,
but through the spirit and scripture, it was all good :D However, It did
scare me a lot :D

Friday: It was a really good day, with McDonalds in the middle haha!!!!!!
We then Did a Quest out into the middle of nowhere. All rice fields.
Nothing. However, It was cool, and some nice family invited us in for
dinner!!! Some random family in the middle of Rice fields and banana plants
just inviting us in to eat :D it was awesome haha, and yummy!! and
apparently healthy, but I don't know haha :D

Saturday: Had dinner at a members house and it was awesome!!!! Wow, I just
keep saying everythings Awesome... but really, everything really is quite
fun haha!!! ha.. ha... ya... ok....

Sunday: Losing voice! yay!!! However, I did get to sit next to a Drunk guy
at church, that was new! Not the best smell... but that's ok, next time he
comes to church he'll be sober ;) or else he is going to get chewed out by
some Taiwanese people haha ;) yep!!!

So that was my week!!!!! I hope you enjoy reading haha, It was fun ;)
doing some preparation for Elder Long leaving, and that's about it haha! So
now... the moment of truth... if I can attach photos!!! yay!!!!!

CTR, (義)

Elder Dawson (陶長老)

P.S. Photos work!! yay!!!!
A giant spider I found!! haha... creepy!!!

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