Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Taiwan Second Month

Well hello everyone!!!! Dear Goodness I hope somebody is reading this..... 

     Sorry that I didn't write that much last week, It was a busy week and we didn't have as much time haha, but don't worry, I have more time to write this week!!!! :D 

So for starters, this week has been the saddest, and the happiest week I have ever had so far!!!!!!!!!! ok, here let me share the story :D So basically this whole week I have been super mad at my companion, and the little things where simply just getting in the way hardcore! So 4 days ago, we had a companionship inventory session and just talked things out, and then we went out. I decided at that time that I was sick of watching everything being done because I didn't know how to do it, so at that moment I decided to just try everything and figure it out for myself :D I was so happy, and me and Elder Long got along so well for the last three days because we understand each other!!!!! So yesterday we were fasting and praying that we would be able to find a family to teach. All of our current investigators and all college students, so because its midterms right now, none of them can really meet haha! So we were praying and fasting yesterday to find a family. We went out tracting last night and I felt like we should tract in these one apartments that looked super nice. We said a prayer, and Elder long started and I watched so I could learn how to do it. He started, and for 8 doors, every single person rejected us and said no. He was getting a little frustrated, so he said he was going to do calls, and If I felt comfortable, I could go Tract haha. I was terrified!!! I have never done it before, and I have no Idea what I'm doing!!!! I remembered that I have been promised courage on my mission, and so i just sucked up my fear and went for it! First house, absolutely nothing, and I felt awful! I just told myself to move on, and went to the next house. The lady opened the door, and I just started talking, asking her questions, and getting to know her. For some crazy reason she stayed talking to me!! Elder long came over to help me with my Chinese to talk to her, and we found out that her and her 2 sons lived there! They were willing to listen to our message, and said we could come back and meet with them. Amazing!!!! I tried, and because of that, me and elder Long were able to find a family!!! We were so grateful, and we decided to try and keep going :D The next 4 houses in a row all accepted us, and all said they'd meet with us, and they were all families. We had prayed and fasted that we would be able to find one family, but because we tried our hardest to do the most that we could, he blessed us that we were able to find 5 families that we can teach!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!! this has probably been the biggest miracle on my mission so far, and I'm so grateful that I have the Lord on my side as I do this mission :D It would be crazy impossible to try and do this without him!!!! So yes, there was that absolutely amazing story this week :D 

Yep.... I wanted to type more... but then I realized all the time was gone haha, awkward!!!! So everyone stay awesome!!!! and I'll talk to you all next week!!! yay!!! 


Elder Dawson 

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!! Eat a ton of turkey, because they don't have any where I am haha!!! 

Chapel here in Dou Liu :D 

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