Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Taiwan Second Month

Dear Everyone that is Gods Child, 

     Bahaha, that happens to include everyone. Tee hee hee I'm so tricky!!! *Irish Heel Click* Well.... No time... .seems to be the montra of my mission haha, so much to do, but so little time! yay for multi tasking!! haha, So once again, i have like no time to write here! yay! No!! So I'll just share a quick miracle story! This week we were teaching a father for the first time, and it was awesome!! He opened up and started telling us about his quest for happiness the past three years. He told us "I tried alcohol to make me happy, but that didn't work, so then I tried fishing, and that didn't work! Then after that I tried Gambling and traveling, but none of it worked to make me and my family happy!" He then Looked at photos of mine and Elder Long's families, and said tearfully "This is exactly what I want my family to look like. Happy." It was amazing, and we told him that through the gospel, we can have happiness and peace in this life. He was willing to meet with us again, and told us that he felt peaceful for once while he was meeting with us. This gospel is true. I know its true, because I am starting to see how it is changing people's lives to be happier. It has changed my life, and will forever change my life, and there are no words that I could possibly say to express the gratitude I have for the Savior and his atonement. A lot of things mattered to me before, but as for now, all that matters is bringing this joy to others so that they can feel as happy as I feel. There are still down times, there are still hard times, but through it all, the Lord will help us through. I know that, and I now have the chance to testify of it everyday. If anyone is sad, turn to the Lord in prayer, because he will help no matter what. i guarantee. 

Thank you for being amazing, love you tons, and talk to you next week!!! 


Elder Dawson 

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