Saturday, December 28, 2013

Taiwan Second Month

Hey mom and dad :D 

     So.... this week was awesome!!!! Sounds like you all had a fun time at home! Skiing?? say what!? That's fun haha!! Glad to know it's cold there :D So I'm looking forward to a Christmas package! yay!! And more excited to Skyping! yay!!! And thanks for the money, I'll go find a coat that will keep me warm haha :D Ya, so it basically blew my mind that me and sister Mangelson are in the same area haha! We'll send a picture next Zone training meeting :D Thanks for writing, and have a fun time at home!! It's awesome to hear from you all!!!! :D oh and President taylor sent me a letter!! it was really nice, and when you see him tell him I say thanks :D plus I'm sending him a card haha, so ya! Love you too!! 

Dear Sugarcane... I mean... ya... 

     Well... I actually don't even have a funny story with sugarcane this week haha. Just someone who gave us some to drink because it was healthy... ya... that's about it haha! So... I've decided to rethink my process of writing the letter home. I will now write home first, and other things after. I'm super excited!! But as for now, I don't have a lot of time, So I must go. Wow I'm getting awful at writing home haha! But as for now, enjoy these photos!! 


Elder Dawson 

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