Saturday, December 28, 2013

Taiwan Second Month

Dear mom and Dad, 

     Hey thanks so much for sending The Savior Redeemer of my soul music!! That'll be great and I'm super excited to perform it :D So most important thing first is the Skype time!!!! I will be skyping Christmas day, December 25, 2013, at 9:00 AM in the morning here. I'm not sure what time that is over there, but yes, that is the time we're shooting for :D So yay!!! I'm super excited to see all of you!!! So thanks for emailing me!!! I'll be sure to look out for that Lard-fried-rice haha :D thanks!! And the fruit is amazing here!!1 i've eaten so much, and still loving it! It was just Pamelo season, so I've been eating a lot of those :D Sorry, I'll try to take more pictures haha!!! I do take a lot, I just don't send all of them... sorry!!!! I'll be better about that :D And I'm super excited for the package!!! No worries, i'll get a coat here :D It suddenly got warmer again... so I don't need it for a while more haha, oh yay :D I'm even more excited for the package to come!!! So sending things to america is super cheap... I sent a letter there, and it was only about 50 cents haha! so I'm sending Christmas cards to you :D Its set in stone, can't change it, hope you enjoy it bwahaha!! :D My companion is from oklahoma, so he's super jealous you're flying the Thunders haha :D  So crazy thing, Whitney is being trained in my zone!!!! So I'll get to see her a lot!!! It's super crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christmas miracles are true, and I'm super excited to have Christmas here :D Sorry I'm like out of time, so I'll have to go now, but remember I love you so much!!!!, oh, and Whitney wants my weekly letters, but I'm not allowed to email her because she's in my area, so if you could forward her my weekly letters (just the other stuff, not this first paragraph for you two) then that would be great :D thanks!!! 

Dear World, 

     We are about to set the world record for smallest email sent home. Yep. Doing great, pray for me, and move call happened, so we have a new Elder in Dou Liu!!! Super fun!!! Yep!.... gotta go!! I promise promise promise I'll write more next week!!!! 


Elder Dawson 

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