Monday, November 4, 2013

Taiwan Second Week

Well Hello, 

     I'm just going to apologize in advance that this letter is going to be kind of short, we don't have a lot of time haha. Also I forgot my journal... so I'm going to be completely honest, I don't exactly remember what happened in the week, so I'll just say what I remember! and next week if there was anything super cool I forgot, I'll write about it :) 

So first is about the people here in Taiwan. They are the some of the nicest people I have ever met, and so freaking awesome!!! When we contact them and they don't want to hear our message, then don't get mad and say "stop talking to me" they just simply say "Oh thank you thank you thank you" and back away slowly haha! Funny, and nice!!! I still haven't gotten rejected, so that's good!! :D Ok, so two experiences in general just blew me away with how nice people here are! First one, we were at the bread shop on the side of the road just buying some food to eat, and we tried contacting this guy on a scooter also buying bread. He said he was fine, and that he had to go home to give his kids the food he just bought, and then left. Right before he left we gave him a tract, then let him leave. We sat by the stand contacting others and eating our bread, and about five minutes later that guy came back!! He came back on his scooter and handed us a bag with drinks in it for us to "go with our bread" he said! I looked down at his scooter, and he still hadn't gone home to give his kids the bread he bought!! Like literally, this man we talked to for 15 seconds at most just drove to a store, bought us drinks, then drove back to find us and give them to us, before he went home. It was amazing!!! Such a nice gesture!! Next story isn't as long, but when we were lost, we asked this one guy for directions. He gave the directions, and then looked as us for a few seconds in silence, then said "Here, let me give you some fruit." I was like, what!? Like, we just asked this random guy on the side of the street for directions, talked to him for 30 seconds, and now he's giving us fruit!! Wow. The people here are amazing!!! 

So those stories basically took up my time... so here I am... out of time, and haven't given a week synopsis. I feel terrible. Haha, but oh well, next week you'll just get two weeks!! yay!!! So time to go, but to end, here's some photos :D 

Thanks so much!! 


Elder Dawson 

Taiwan Countryside Douliu

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