Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Taiwan Week Four

Dear Family, friends, and everyone else (yes that means you potato), 
WAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Why is every day in Taiwan so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wish I could just share like mental thoughts of everything that happens here with you all, because it is all literally so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, I have like no time, so this week is going to be short! I've kind of given up on giving a day by day update until I have less things to do on P-day, so those will come back soon, but for now, not happening haha. 

So this week I had my first exchange! Crazy times!!! I exchanged with the Zone leader in Jia Yi, and so I got to spend a day with him teaching lessons, and planning and studying!! yay!!! It was crazy fun, but crazy hard! It made me happy to get back to Elder Long in some ways, because I know him, and he already knows I'm crazy haha! :D 

Also this week, we were contacting a bunch of old grandma's and grandpa's on the street, and a random guy on a scooter drove up, bought us both 2 drinks each, said amen, then drove off. It was so awesome!! We had no idea who he was, but he just kept saying amen, bought us drinks, more amen's then drove of haha! Gotta love Taiwanese people :D 

Also, on the life agenda of what happened this week, I got to perform my violin at another baptism!!!! It was so cool, and it was awesome seeing this girl give up her old live to follow the lord. Awesome. I want to tell more, but I have to go. Wa! Why is there not enough time in a day! ah!!!! So you're all awesome, if there even is anyone that reads this blog haha! Stay Classy, and I'll write more next week :D 


Elder Dawson 

Sunset in Taiwan! 

                           My Companion looking at "The Door to Salvation" Baptismal Font

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