Sunday, November 10, 2013

Taiwan Week Three

Dear Everyone that is loved by someone, 

Wasn't that a classy way to start the email? I certainly thought so haha! So..... holy cow, where to start!!! So much happens!!! Ok, well since I forgot to share my last with you last week (goodness I hope that made sense) then I will now share two weeks with you, because I remembered my journal!! yay!!! ok, here we go, buckle you're seatbelts, hold on, and "Watch out, Your heads" (see picture) When I say 2 Monday or 2 something, then It means obviously two Mondays ago haha 

2 Monday: P-day... super fun haha, just crazy!!! So I got my bike, and I snapped the chain, but then got it fixed, yay!! yep,... not much haha, more interesting stuff happened this week anyways ;) 

Wow... That was a lot to take in...... Everyone take a quick break, you deserve it :D just a quick 30 second power nap, ready? go! ...... done? ok, onward and upward. 

Monday: P-Day, but the first not restful one, because we went to a theme park called Fancy World! Yay!! The placing of this theme park was literally on top of a mountain, so everything was beautiful!! While their, we talked to some people about the gospel, and they said they'd come to English class! So we'll see how that goes :D Then we had member relations building time, where we visited more members!! awesome!! 

Tuesday: While we ran in the morning we found a mini chinese temple to look at, then had a great study time!!! Although I have to put this in here, it was the first day that I have cried while in taiwan. Super messy cakes. Oh well, then we went up to Jia Yi and had interviews with the president!!! He really does care about us here, and he helped a lot, and his wife also helped a lot. She helped me find a solution to being eaten alive by mosquitoes. They are everyone, and they are rabid! Seriously! Then English proselyting, then a non member bought us an extremely nice dinner, simply because he like missionaries! so cool!! Then I got a post card that I'll send home :D 

Wednesday: It was the day I realized that for the past two weeks I had started every journal entry with the words "Today was absolutely amazing!!" so I figured I needed to find a new catch phrase haha. Today I got over the mental block I had for teaching lessons in Chinese, and it went good!! The We had Zone Training about establishing this area into a stake, and then had english class!! huzzah for israel!! I'm running out of time, so I gotta finish this week really quick haha 

Thursday: Well, we went to a secondary area today, and had an amazing time contacting and finding members!!!! Then we had a really cool experience with a man selling dominoes pizza. He was so ready for the gospel, he straight up asked us if he could meet with us, because he "noticed something different about us". Wa!! Being a missionary is so cool right now!!! 

Friday: To explain Friday, I simply must quote my journal, not if anyone will be afraid for my safety (mother.....) then don't read this day haha! so this is what is said "Today was.... full of fortune..... " Then I wrote some other stuff, but then it got to this "Then we had probably the most interesting experience on the mission yet. So second day here we contacted a family where the dad wanted to hear, but the wife sat there and ate beetlenut and told us to go away. Today they came and found us at a family mart, and asked us to buy them food. Elder Long said he would buy their kid food because he hadn't eaten yet today.... So the whole time the mom was asking for money, and the dad was wanting to know more about our gospel. How awesome! The mom told us that she worshiped her ancestors  and then looked me in the eyes and said "My ancestors are talking to me right now, and they are telling me that in three days, you will get hit by a car on your bike, and it will break both your arms." Creepy." So yep, today is three days from then, so pray for me haha!!! Oh gotta love crazy intoxicated ladies haha! 
2 Friday: We woke up early and taught an early morning seminary class! so cool!!! Then we had weekly planning, which is amazing, gotta love planning :D Had lunch with a member, then went and contacted! 

2 Saturday: First day it rained in Taiwan! Huzzah!!! Then we contacted less actives. A huge emphasis has been placed on this, because rescuing is as important as finding :D Super important! one for keeps!! oh yes, and not to just throw it in or anything, but I performed my violin at a baptism this day also :D 

2 Sunday: We had an investigator come to church with us!! yay!!!! We also had an activity with the youth of the church, and it made me kind of sad to see how many of them are wasting their lives away on video games, and it made me realize how much me being on a mission has opened my eyes to how much time is wasted on certain things. Crazy! Then we had another lesson with a super quiet guy, then had family home evening with a less active family :D Super crazy day, but sundays are always the best days of the week!! :D 

Ok so I will have to include saturday and sunday in next week because I'm out of time!! But know that I'm amazing!! Except I woke up yesterday morning with an inability to move my neck, so we had to get that checked out haha. It kinda hurts, but thats ok!! There is worse things that could happen in life, and the work is still moving along, and is still amazing!! Sorry this email is so long haha!!! Love you all!!! 


Elder Dawson 
 Cool Sign and Yikes Bikes !!

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