Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MTC Week 3

Well here we go.... third week email.... wow.... how the time passes fast, and yet seems to take forever haha. So overview of the week.... It definitely had its ups and downs!! Sometimes I would be super excited to be here at the MTC, and other times I had the feeling that I wanted to kill small baby panda bears. However, right now I feel awesome and like I truly am blessed to be here right now :) Ok so first off, thanks for all the packages!!!!! On my actual birthday, the sisters in my district got me birthday presents that included: Chocolate Pie, High heel insoles, acne medicine (odd....), crystal light packets, canned carrots, a Book of Mormon in Italian, a mini baby seal stuffed animal, and a drawing of me anime style :) It was so awesome, and so cool that they got me stuff!!! even if the stuff was... well... you know ;) Thank you Mom and Dad for what you got me!!!! Tell Amah and Agong that I LOVE the watch!!!!!! I wear it every day, and I love how classy I look in it ;) Thanks for the music, my recital CD, the socks (yay lime green ones!) and ties!!! and of course the other stuff haha :) It was amazing reading my patriarchal blessing again!!! there has been so much more stuff in it that applies to me now that I'm on my mission, and I love reading it and seeing blessings that have already happened :) thanks :) Now then.... Emily Jarman..... I don't know if she's going to be able to read this.... but thanks for the package!!! I use the Angry Bird notebooks for my quotes from people, the pen to write the quotes (who would have thought), and the stickers are all over my closet!! haha! Of course, thank you also for that donut.... wrapped in tissues... wrapped in a plastic bag... and covered in bacon.... baha, it meant so much to me :) oh and I showed the picture to elder roberts and he totally remembers!!!! we all had a mind blown moment haha :) Now.... Mariah..... What. the. random. rock. ;) hahahaha! thanks so much!!! The tie is by far my favorite tie, and all the people in my district love it!!! It helps that theres an angry bird sown into the back ;) seriously an amazing idea!!! haha, thanks for the something helpful, and then something... not so helpful haha :) Yay packages for my birthday!!!! Ok.... back to my letter.... so like with most, we'll start with funny things, go into a day by day synopsis, and then go into the spiritual thought of the week ;) so, my companions are crazy. And they seem to have this obsession with watching me turn off the lights..... ok that may sound weird, but I kid you not, they watch me turn off the lights before we go to bed, then they get back up, and turn the lights back on so they can watch me turn them off again! Its really funny, and I have never heard Elder Bird or Elder Roberts laugh so hard!! They find it hilarious!! I don't even know what I do!!! haha, but then they bring in the other Elders in our district and have them watch, and they find it hilarious too!! Apparently we missed the opportunity to have me on america's funniest home videos before I left, and all I would have had to do is turn off the lights ;) Awesome. Tuesday: yay packages!!! (that was my thought haha) So monday we had a devotional about how our father in heaven loves us and well..... let me type what I wrote in my journal (I'll probably do that a lot....) "We had just got back from a devotional about our father in heaven loving us, which made me think of my dad, and how he and my mom sent me two packages with tones of stuff and well..... 10 times I have cried at the MTC. I AM SO BLESSED!!!!" and thats how it went haha.... so thanks mom and dad :) love you tons!!! Wednesday: On Wednesday, I felt the spirit a lot. Like a lot a lot haha, but with that, there was also some hardships. so here's a bit of what I wrote in my journal from Tuesday "I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!! (exact number of exclamation points... nailed it) I love being able to study the gospel more and get to know Christ and heavenly father in a way I've never been able to before!! My testimony has grown so much, but I know I am still small. However, through small, imperfect testimonies like mine, I know the lord can work great wonders. Amen." and then the hardship part.......... I don't think I should write to much about it in my letter here, but I hope that there are prayers coming in for me and Elder Bird. He's having a hard time seeing the point of the MTC, so he sleeps a lot and slacks off.... its frustrating, but I know that the lord will help me know what to do :) Thursday: "Today was.... welp. I missed musicals again, but we had a cool role play where I was the investigator!! It was so amazing, because the teacher was the missionary teaching me! It helped me know how and what to teach people!!! yay!!" So ya... that was Thursday... moving on... Friday: Whoops, forgot to send out all the letters that I wanted to send to thank people... Sorry everyone in the world that send me something!!! I'll answer soon!!!! haha, anyways, Friday.... friday we did more role play, and prepared for TRC on Saturday! ahh!!! I did a role play with Elder Colvin and Elder Smith teaching me, and it was amazing!!!! It's quite the amazing experience to have the spirit be there even though its just a pretend meeting haha. Saturday: So Saturday was a bad day..... I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I was mad haha. This is what my journal entry went like "Today I was astounded at the stupidity of some people. Mainly the immaturity of some people and how they don't study, they dont try hard, and they complain all the time" and then I went on haha. It's ok they, we have companionship inventory and talked about it, so now were all trying harder, and I pray everyday that I will be able to know what to do to help them. However, at the end of the night, guess who I saw that made my entire day better? Aaron Garcia!! my cuz!!! he came down to my room and we talked and just had a dandy time and took pictures (you'll see them soon) Sunday: Heres my journal entry "Wow... today.. Sunday... phenomenal, and it sucked for different reasons. Today Elder Smith became the new district leader, and I had more troubles with my companions. But that is not important, because right now, my heart is full. Today started normal, but ended in 11 times I've cried at the MTC haha. Why?? because we watched the Testaments movie about the coming of christ. Amazing. It reminded me that there was a phyisical man, the physical son of god that love me (were talking ME!) so much, that he was willing to die for me. I need to make myself worthy of that love, and try to sanctify myself more. My mission isn't just a change in my life, It's a change in me." Sunday was quite the amazing day I must say! and you know what made it better?? I got to see Aaron again!!! I truly believe that Aaron got here at just the right time. I was having troubles with my companions, but everytime I see him and get to talk with him, I'm super happy!!! It's a miracle that I get to spend this time with my cousin, and I'm so excited that we finally get to see each other more :) We stay in the same building haha. So I have no time left.... but consider my Sunday entry my spiritual experience, because that was probably the most moving experience of my week ;) So to leave (before my pictures) I just want to say Ephesians 5:8. Its amazing, and when I read it, I was like "hey look, thats me!!" so yep, thats how that was. It was like.... a monkey... picking berries out of a coconut tree. Thats how unexpected it came to me haha. ok that was a forced analogy... anyways...... CTR, Elder Dawson

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