Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MTC Week 2 & Photos

Well hello dear people of whom I love,         Sep 2 2013

    Well what a day today has started out to be?? I feel like its a special day or something.... like something really big is happening today! what is it??? hmm.... oh ya!!!! It's labor day!! who could forget a thing like that!? haha... ha.... ok jk, happy birthday to me, mazeltov and moving on haha. So guess what I got for a birthday present today?? oh its great!!! kidding not really.... I'm sick. like a dog. haha, and It's awful. It started yesterday night, and I just passed out, and tried to wake up this morning, but I just feel so sick, I think I may die of the Black plague. If that happens, know that I give all my socks freely to those in need of left socks. Oh and get a good musical number at my funeral haha, ok thats enough, I'm not going to die, I just feel like it haha. 

anyways... onto bigger and better things!!! so, thank you so much for you touching letter to me dad!!! I loved reading it :D and thanks for the happy birthday package, when I get it i'm sure I'll love it haha. Thanks for those photos you sent me!!!! I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love LOVE it when you send me photos!!! I like to see whats going on at home :) 

Ok so.... time to talk about what I do with my life here at the MTC.... we'll start with the funny things, and then end with a spiritual note! So everyone in my district is hilarious. seriously hilarious haha. We have a guy named Elder Smith who looks EXACTLY like Kahn from the new startrek. Like seriously, I'm going to send you a picture, and you'll see just what I mean, it's crazy!!! Ok and apparently they think I look like russel from UP.... so that's unique haha, I get to do the "hello, my name is russel" routine all the time haha. ok so heres a highlight of my week: 

Monday: Got attacked by silly string in my dorm, got a package of donuts from the clinger family, and then went to a talk by neil L. Anderson about families. It was all amazing and the talk truly was inspired and helped me learn more about my family, and why I love them :) 

Tuesday: Probably the hardest day at the MTC thus far.... It was rough, and I felt depressed the whole day, like I didn't know where I was or what I was doing with my life. It was rough, but near the end of the day, my district leader talked to me (Elder Watson) and helped me realize my purpose more and boost my spirits :) 

Wednesday: The first companionship argument..... it wasn't even bad, just a little bit of tension, but we all got over it, and get along fine now!!! no worries at all :) Not a lot happened wednesday.... oh wait!! we taught our investigator Eric for the 4th time Wednesday!! That was quite an amazing experience.... we went in trying to teach him about the restoration, but he went  on a tangent wanting to know the reasons why he needs to pray. The spirit was super strong, and even though I butchered the Chinese grammar, I was able to convey what I thought in a way that helped him understand :) it was so cool!! ah! I died. ok right?? I died? I died. 

Thursday: So today was the day that pretended to read peoples palms.... unique and super funny bahahaha!! Oh and I got a letter from Kaala Hanni!!!!!!! YAY LETTERS!!!!!!!!!!!! We had class for 6 hours like a normal day, but this day I was alert the whole time!!! I've learned so much Chinese, I feel so blessed that I have this opportunity to learn and speak the Chinese Language :) 

Friday: Musicals. I am Obsessed with musicals!!! Its like I'm a free floating elephant with an allergy to peanuts..... ok bad analogy, but I'm seriously missing my musicals... none of my companions liked musicals at all, so seriously, I sing to myself all the time, and they keep telling me to stop haha. Once upon a time someone in the showers told me he'd literally kill me if I kept singing in the shower, but oh well, Its the MTC, Who would kill anyone there ;) 

Saturday: Ok so this day was the funniest day at the MTC that I have had yet!! We were laughing so hard at lunch, that we could hardly breath!! Its funny because we have a sister in our district who doesn't like laughing because she says you could die from it (Sister Hsu) so when we were all laughing that hard, she was like "told you so!" What was so awesome about this day though, was because we had so much fun, and also had so much spiritual-ness happen :) In class we did a role play where I got to pretend to be the investigator. It was all in Chinese, so it was a little hard to follow at times, but it got to the point where I was acting and said "I know that there is a god, but I just don't think he knows me." The teacher who was playing the missionary looked at me and said "I know that there is a God who loves and knows you personally." It hit me kind of hard, and made me so excited to go out and tell the people of Taiwan that there is a god who knows and loves them!! AHH!! It was a super cool experience ;) 

Sunday: Fast sunday.... So I'll be honest here, probably the first time I've fasted for 24 hours straight haha. but thats ok, what made it worse is that I got sick :/ However, what made it betters is that it was Jenny's birthday!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you got my letter..... I sent it a few days ago haha. So we had a ton of free time on Fast sunday, but we went on a temple walk, spoke Chinese, and I went up and bore my testimony in church in Chinese!! YAY!!!!!! I also realized this day however that I say really weird things.... my companions pointed out that I say really odd analogies.... but oh well, they know they love me haha. 

And were back to today.... I'm running out of time, and I don't know how long uploading photos will take, but here let me try, and if I have more time then I'll write more :)

Inline image 1

This is me searching the ceiling in our room for notes.. and I found one!! 

Inline image 2

Me and my companions in front of the temple!!! 

That's all the photos it will let me send in one email, but I'll send more in another email attachment!!! 

I love you all so much!!!! if you want to know anything just let me know!!! 


Elder Danny Dawson 

P.S. this is one for the blog

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