Thursday, January 2, 2014

Taiwan January 2014

Well hello all humans, platypuses (platypi?), and everyone else :D 

     Well hello!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!! What a Week!!!!!!!!!! Got to Skype home!!!!!! Yay!!!! It made Elder Long a little bit trunky, but not me, sorry, still don't miss home enough to be trunky haha ;) But really, it was so amazing to be able to see everyone!!! You all look so good, and sound so good!!! Sorry the connection wasn't super amazing, but hey, I got to see you all :D And mom, I'm sorry for how long it took you to get home from St. Louis haha ;) hope you at least had fun a little!! :D And Tell Meilan and Meifong and Amah and Agong that I say hi!!!!! I'm learning Bo, Po, Mo, Fo right now, because they don't have roman pinyin here in Taiwan haha, so I'll be able to type simple things in Chinese back to you all!!!!!! like...... 我愛你們!!!!!!!!! Holy cow that took forever!!!! Ok, on to studying Bo, Po, Mo, Fo, even more haha!!! Hope you all have fun in San Jose!!! I'll be practicing my Chinese and Taiwanese so I can talk with you all when I get back :) Give everyone a hug for me when you're there!!! So.... It's freezing here. Legit. It's currently like 10 degree's Celsius haha, good thing I bought myself a Christmas present, a nice jacket! (yay!)

     So... Christmas Proselyting... oh you know, just joyously fun!!!!! I just want my family to know, I pray for you all everyday by name, and I hope that it help you find guidance in all the decisions you make, just as my mission is helping me learn how to make decisions that will help me in my life :D 

     So, Christmas season is a time of miracles!!!! To start, let me tell the story of a man named Bob. No his name is not really Bob, its some Chinese Characters that I don't want to take the time to type out haha :D However, to protect his privacy, I will just say his name is Bob :D So Bob is a less active here in Dou Liu, Who is awesome!!!! We started meeting with him and his mom, and just getting to know them, and miracles happened!!!! We just invited him to start reading the Book of Mormon again, and come to church with us, and it changed his life!! Before he met with us, he said he was sad, never hung out with friends, and just stayed at home studying. However, he said he would meet with us, and he felt happy! He started hanging out with friends more, started hanging out with his mom, and started coming to church! Yesterday in Church he was asked "what things bring you closer to christ?" His answer was "Hearing the Missionaries bear their testimonies". It touched my heart, to see this sad person who we met suddenly have a change, and start being happy! He told us his new years resolution is to read the Book of Mormon and Bible all the way through!!! He Is so amazing, and families relationship was restored, and he couldn't be happier!!! It's things like this that keep me going :D Seeing how following simple gospel principles can help people so much, it's amazing!!! :D 

     So, on to the week synopsis: 

Monday: Well I realized on this day that I have lost my sense of humor. what to do. who knows?? move on I suppose haha :D Then I bought my new jacket, and wrote cards for people! That was about it :D 

Tuesday:  All I wrote "Christmas Eve!!!!" (yes, correct number of Exclamation points) however, I repented, and the next day wrote "Wow. Pitiful last journal entry. I spit on it. *spit*" and then went on to talk about how for Christmas eve we had happy and sad!! We had to stop meeting with an investigator because he wasn't wanting to listen to what we had to say, but on the other hand we, went Christmas Caroling!!!! Yay!!!!! Right after Christmas caroling, my heart was just filled with joy, as a mother walked over to us (this is a mother who we've been working with to help her sons come back) and told us while she was crying "You two have touched my heart, never before have I met two better and nice missionaries!" Then she went on in some Chinese that I didn't understand haha, but the spirit can move people, and it kills me!!! In a good way :D 

Wednesday: Christmas!!!!!!!! opened presents from family, and got to skype!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Yep..... that was about Christmas :D 

Thursday: Super busy day!!!!!! So we called, Contacted people, had dinner with investigators, met a German Family, and then met with a family!!! We were riding so fast to get everywhere we needed, it was crazy!!! But so much got done, and so much was felt :D 

Friday: We went on Splits!! So I was with Elder Turner, and man it was fun and weird!!! Because we were both Junior companions, I got to be senior companion for a day!! Because we were working in my area :D and then we gave one of our investigators a baptismal goal, and he accepted!!!!!! It's so amazing, and I'm so excited to keep on helping him move towards that goal!!!!! 

Saturday: Back to normal, and back to working even harder!!! We met a man that like our Church, except for the fact we liked Jesus....hmmm.... odd... oh well, it was an amazing day!!! 

Sunday: Well.... Sundays are always.... thought provoking.... haha, and basically I had a smackdown, and had to rethink my life, and had a whole rethought process that was super.... unique haha! But it all helps me to be better, and all helps to make us better people!!! And that is the main point :D Becoming better people, and being happy!!! yay!!!!! 

So yes, that was my week :D Lots learned, and lots to do now :D I hope everyone's doing amazing at home, and don't forget me!!! I love you all, and now, it's time for photos :D 


Elder Dawson 

P.S. I can use dropbox now!!! Whatever that is haha 

 Special family  
Branch Party

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